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Yrvron Alc

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Yrvron Alc, Aug 7, 2015.

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    Somewhere in between, He's not a naturally evil person but struggles to stay 'this side of the line'

    Not at present(Are they aligned to any faction?)

    None (If they are aligned to any faction, what is their rank? [Must be approved by faction leader])

    A 'fair shot', able linguist. Is able to speak 11 languages, Attended Thyferra's Security Force Academy as a young man and is trained in basic hand to hand combat techniques and computer programming



    Yrvron is a charming sort, with a dash of arrogance. That comes from his upbringing on Thyferra where even the poor are considered rich on any other planet. Yrvron has a quick tongue that gets him and out of a lot of trouble. He can be noble but more often than not, he looks out for number one.

    Smoking, learning new laguages, drinking and gambling

    Hard work and responsibility

    Blaster of basic technology, Small Shuttle called "Happy Trails", access to a lot of money, various books and trinkets from his travels

    At just over 6'1 Yrvron is slightly taller than average with mousey brown hair that is usually dyed any color from deep purple to bright yellow. He has one brown eye and one blue and has a scar across his left hand. He is average build, not overly athletic but with some definition of his muscles. He usually wears dark trousers with spacer boots and brightly colored shirts, however he has been known to dress very formally when the need arises.

    Yrvron Alc was born to Jusuf and Marelna on the planet of Thyferra. Both parents came from wealthy families and on Thyferra wealthy translates to stinking rich anywhere else in the galaxy. At a young age Yrvron was good at school but knew his families wealth would mean he would never have to work and so he became lazy with his studies. To try and combat this, Jusuf sent Yrvron to stay with relatives in corellia. Yrvron was disgusted with this idea at first but soon became very friendly with his cousin, Ryax Emporii and after the year was up on Corellia, bought Ryax back with him. The two young men were to becme known to the local constabulary quickly after they reprogrammed one of the service droids to stay in a ladies changing room and send a holofeed back to a remote player which they would take to clubs and bars and charge money to see 'The Show'. As members of a quite influential family, both men were ordered to attend Thyferra's security force academy after several transgressions rather than face a custodial senetence. Yrvron spent much of his time here as he did in school, occasionally doing well but most of the time just scraping by. Ryax by contrast blossomed in this enviroment and 3 years later, with both men at the age of 22, Ryax finished top of the class and accepted a position on the force, Yrvron opted, much to everyones surprise, stay on and attend the officers school. For the first time, Yrvron actually started to fulfil his potential. He aced all the written exams and scored in the top third for his flight, marksman and investigation practical course. Only a low score on his ethics and morality exam the only blot. The day after he passed out, Yrvron was involved in a physical altercation with the morality tutor and after accepting the charges he resigned his newly minted comission as Squad Lieutenant and left the security force.

    Yrvron left Thyferra shortly after with his families blessing. He worked as deckhand on a cruise liner in mon Calamari, A prison guard on coruscant and as boxer on umgal in the arenas. He is considered a bit of a drifter and traveller but with access to the money he has, he does it in style. He rarely speaks about his life since he left Thyferra but does maintain a close relationship with his cousin, Ryax and his mother. His father like many, is disapointed in Yrvron's life choices and the two continually fight about when he will come home and take his responsibilities seriously. In passing, Yrvron has hinted that he will never be ready for that, but what 'That' is remains a mystery at the moment.

    Standard Shuttle "The Happy Trails" - Usually referred to as the Trail



    3 That he admits to.

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