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Vance Orlata

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Mike, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Vance Orlata

    Picture by Zoonoid on Deviant Art




    54 (Born 4030 BBY)

    1.8 Meters

    Force Sensitive:



    The Republic

    Supreme Chancellor

    Politician Soldier​

    Vance is what most would consider a “hard” individual. He believes in mission accomplishment, no matter what. He’s not afraid of a fight. It’s known by all who know him that he prepares and expects the worst at all times. His hardness is contrasted by his intelligence, which displays the epitome of a well-educated man. Vance asks the questions that no one wants to ask or answer, and has a tendancy to be very truthful. Despite a seemingly emotional demeanor, he has a soft spot for those who are in relationships, especially those who have lost loved ones. He has an especially soft spot for children, knowing that he will never get to have any of his own.

    · The Republic
    · Children
    · Soldiers

    · Death
    · The majority of politicians
    · War
    · Corruption
    · Cowardice

    (1) Hold Out Blaster
    (1) Cane with hidden vibroblade within

    Vance has quite a fit body when you consider that his short, well-kept hair is mostly grey with age. His facial hair of the same saturation is very well-kept but is still scruffy enough to make the man look like a force to be reckoned with. A white button up shirt covers his upper body, only showing on the chest and neck area due to the extravagant red coat he wears. Medals hang from the coat’s left breast, as tokens of Vance’s achievements. A pair of dark leather pants cover his legs and are neatly tucked into a pair of Republic Army Officer boots. If it weren’t for the cane, he would look as if getting ready to lead an army.

    From the moment conscious thoughts entered Vance’s brain, he wanted to serve the Republic. When soldiers would march in public, he would watch with a fascination he lacked in all other things. When politicians spoke, he listened. Everyone he knew growing up knew that he was going to climb the political ladder one day. No one could have guessed just how far he would go up that ladder.

    The Force War had ended prior to Vance graduating from school and entering the Republic’s Officer Academy. Where many attended the classes and drills thinking they were already the best, Vance strove to make sure he would be the best. Other cadets chided him for it. “Commander Try-Hard” they called him.

    One cadet, however, didn’t pick on him for striving to be the best he could be. One cadet actually encouraged and befriended him. She defended him without any hesitation or second thoughts of what it would do to her social image. Her name was Gloria, and Vance considered her to be his only true friend.

    During the day they would attend classes and study in the library of the Academy. At night they would discuss tactics of old and what they would do if they were in command during historical situations. They developed countless scenarios together, using tactics and historical facts to sway the outcomes to their favors. The other cadets called them a couple before the thought even came to either of them.

    There was no point in denying that feelings were indeed there between them. They had known each other for two years by the time Vance and Gloria made the decision to begin a romantic relationship. With three years left to go in the Academy, and neither one knowing anything about romance, the relationship moved very slowly. It took Vance several months just to work up the courage to hold Gloria’s hand, and even longer just to say sweet things to her. A year passed, they shared their first kiss, and finally the relationship began to build up pace.

    Vance was twenty-three when he graduated from the Academy as valedictorian. His three year relationship with Gloria had blossomed enough to be considered serious, though long distance once the Republic sent them to their respective commands. Vance was sent to a line platoon in Nova Company, 2nd Star Brigade. Gloria was sent to command a squadron of star fighters, though still within Star Corps. The distance didn’t effect much, and they spoke regularly, even spending most of their free time with each other.

    A decade passed without much happening to or around Vance. He was promoted to captain and given command of Nova Company. Gloria decided to stay as a squadron commander despite her promotion to captain. Vance and Gloria were engaged and then married. Vance kept onto his dream to always serve the Republic.

    As Vance was turning thirty-four years old, the Senate voted to attack the Hutt Cartel. Star Corps was mobilized and sent to the front. The first stop for the Star Corps, was the Kashyyyk System.

    The first shots fired in the Star Corps, were from Gloria’s squadron of Starfighters, which engaged Cartel Starfighters in transit between Kashyyyk and Trandosha. The shots fired sparked one of the largest naval battles in the history of the galaxy. Ships broadsided each other, boarding parties weaved in and out of a maze of laser and cannon fire, Starfighters twisted and turned in dogfights with other Starfighters, and bombers did their best to make bombing runs on key enemy ship systems.

    Though his mind and heart yearned to know that Gloria was okay, Vance had to steel himself for what was to come. He boarded his company on gunship transports and made for Trandosha. From the small view screens that lined the walls of where Vance and his soldiers sat, they watched the space battle unfold. Fiery specks of small craft explosions dotted the darkness, while larger ships burned, broke, or were completely destroyed. It was impossible to tell who was winning.

    The landing on Trandosha was eventless, a contrast to what was happening in orbit. Vance initially set up a perimeter around the landing zone. When the rest of the Republic landing force had landed, he took Nova Company toward the mountains. The 2nd Star Brigade was charged with securing the large mountain range that spanned over twenty kilometers and provided a direct path to the city of Hsskhor.

    For as long as Vance lives, he will never forget when the first blaster bolts were fired at him. The bark of blaster rifles and heavy repeaters firing, the snap as the bolts passed by inches from hitting armor or flesh, the instance release of adrenaline in the body, the tunnel vision; it all combined for an unforgettable feeling unlike Vance had ever experienced before in his life. It took him a moment to realize that it wasn’t a training mission, and that soldiers were dying around him.

    His very first fire fight in the war lasted a day and a half. Nova Company advanced on armored bunkers with heavy repeaters stationed inside, while Trandoshan riflemen fired accurate volleys at anything that moved. When Vance’s company destroyed one bunker, another would start firing at them. It was clear that the Hutts and Trandoshans didn’t want to lose this battle, and the Republic would pay the price of victory.

    After the first week of non-stop combat, Vance had grown accustomed to explosions, blaster fire, and death. He didn’t like it any more than he did before he came to Trandosha, but he could at least function with it without it affecting him. His company sustained heavy casualties, forcing him to create abstract strategies and tactics with fewer numbers each fire fight. The 2nd Star Brigade as a whole was dwindling in numbers, and they had only reached five kilometers in.

    Within a month the 2nd Star Brigade’s commander was killed by a Trandoshan sniper. As the senior officer, Vance assumed command of the entire brigade. Despite his station change, he continued leading his forces from the front, though the brigade as a whole was barely over a reinforced company size.

    Good news rained from the void of space; the Republic won the naval battle for the Kashyyyk system. The Hutts could no longer reinforce their forces on the surface of Trandosha and the Republic could put its full naval might into the support of its own ground forces. When a bunker or heavy resistance was encountered, ships would fire on the position from orbit, or squadrons would be called upon to do gun runs and bombing runs.

    Finally, after three months of combat, Vance’s brigade reached the far end of the mountain range, and over looked Hsskhor. His troops were exhausted and his brigade wouldn’t even be able to be considered a shell of its former self. He too was exhausted. The brigade was pulled from the front and sent to Kashyyyk to re-arm and refit.

    It was on Kashyyyk that Vance took the time to find Gloria. She had survived the naval battle and many missions to the surface as well, though her squadron looked just as beat up as Vance’s brigade. The two spent any time they weren’t welcoming new recruits to their units together. Neither one of them wanted to talk about the events that happened in orbit or on the surface, so their time was spent talking of other things and what they wanted to do when they got back to Coruscant. Gloria wanted a family, and Vance agreed.

    The Battle for Kashyyyk was a Republic victory, and after quick reinforcement back to its full size, the Star Corps set out once again. One by one it invaded and liberated planets under Hutt control. Vance was eventually combat-meritoriously promoted to Commander of Star Corps. His stationed had gone from a front line leader on the surface, to a commander aboard a ship making all the high-end decisions. He had been promoted just in time for the final battle of the war- the Battle for Lannik.

    Vance sent the ground forces into battle, having so much pride in the 2nd Star Corps as to make sure it had the most important mission of seizing the capital city from the Hutts. Though he tried to keep her onboard the ship, Gloria took her squadron out for gun runs consistently. The fighting was fierce on Lannik, and Vance struggled to keep pace with new and abstract strategies and tactics. Within a month, the battle was won, though at a staggering price. The casualty list for the Battle of Lannik was surprisingly small compared to the previous planets, thanks to Vance’s abstract tactics, but Vance lost much more than just good soldiers. While on a gun run for a line platoon encountering heavy resistance, Gloria was shot down by enemy anti-air weapons. The explosions from the shell slamming into her Starfighter would have been enough to kill her, but fate wasn’t smiling on her, and her chances of survival plummeted to impossible as the wreck of her fighter flew at full speed into a cliff side. Her remains were buried on the planet’s surface.

    Peace became the norm as the Republic withdrew its forces back to the Core Worlds. Vance was yet again promoted for his undeniable success at the Battle of Lannik; he was now the general of the entire Republic Army. In a time of peace, Vance was able to set his Corps commanders to the task of keeping the Army well trained, while he took the time to mourn the loss of his wife.

    Though out the years of mourning, the realization that he should continue to only thing he had left to his heart came to him. At one time, he wanted to serve the Republic for the remainder of his days, and in the wake of Gloria’s death, that is what he would do.

    Over the years he ran for political positions, starting with small time positions and eventually climbing to the senate. His days in the army were over, and he began living the luxorious life of a Senator, though he always tried to keep a level head and never let the niceties surrounding him influence his decisions. At the age of fifty-four, Vance was finally elected as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

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