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Vallyrie Kogura

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Mike, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Vallyrie Kogura
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Taris
    Height: 1.6m
    Weight: 58kg
    Force Sensative: Yes
    Faction: Tarisian Security Force
    Rank: Sergeant
    Alignment: Neutral/Good
    Sniper Rifles
    Martial Arts
    Hiding her emotions
    Good people
    Doing her hair
    Great food
    Excessive make-up
    Movement hindering armor/clothes
    Eleven Years Old
    "The Beginning"

    I run up to Mommy. She doesn't like to be woken up by being shook, so I put my hands on the edge of her bed. "Mommy," I whisper, giggling when she doesn't wake up. "Mommy," I say again, a bit louder. "It's time to wake up. You're going to miss the party." I watch her intently with my hazel eyes, frowning when she doesn't wake up still. Do I dare touch her? I do.

    I gently poke her sunken cheek, hoping to wake her up. Her skin feels cold to my touch, almost like my dolls back home. "You look like Princess May, Mommy," I say, comparing her verbally to my favorite doll. She doesn't stir. I prop myself up on the little cushion meant for grown ups to put their knees on and put both hands on Mommy's shoulder. I shake her gently, not wanting to startle her. She feels heavy and cold. I shake my head, wondering if Mommy isn't feeling well. Daddy will know.

    Climbing down from the cushion next to Mommy's bed, I walk toward Daddy's bed. I can hear people sniffling. Someone must have a cold. I'm too shy to look toward the people at the party. They're rude anyway, for having a party when Mommy and Daddy are sleeping.

    I climb up onto the cushion next to Daddy's bed and stare at his sleeping form. "Daddy, Mommy won't wake up," I say, rubbing Daddy's arm. He felt cold like Mommy. He doesn't wake up. I hear more sniffling but ignore it. I shake Daddy again. "Daddy, wake up," I say. My voice doesn't doesn't sound like it normally does. Something drops on Daddy's cheek. It's a rain drop, I decide as I stare at it waiting for him to wake up. I look up at the ceiling, wondering how a rain drop got in here.

    Someone makes a sound reminiscent of a sob. I don't like when people cry, so I decide not to look. More rain drops fall on Daddy's cheek. I try to brush them off by my hands are too shaky and I'm starting to feel dizzy. The rain comes down onto my face as well as Daddy's. I wipe it away. "Daddy, I want to go home," I say. I sound like a completely different person.

    I look up from Daddy and stare into the dark finish of the cover on Daddy's bed. I can barely see my reflection. Is that me? I look so different. What happened to my face? Something stabs my chest, I look down to find nothing there. Have I been crying? Why am I crying? Another stab. I back away from Mommy and Daddy, shaking my head. Why aren't they waking up? Why aren't they helping me?

    I turn around to see a crowd of distant relatives all wearing black. They're all crying. Aunt Marley is the closest to me and is shaking her head. "It'll be okay Val," she says. A stab worse than the other two hurts my chest. I cry out and drop to my knees from the pain. It doesn't go away, and I cry even more as it goes on. Aunt Marley runs up to me and hugs me.

    Nineteen Years Old
    "Special Tactics Department"

    Ever since the day I found out my parents had been killed by gang violence, I wanted to do everything in my power to stop the gangs in the Undercity. As soon as I finished school, I signed up for the Security Forces. I spent a year in the regular force taking care of disorderly conduct among Uppercity Tarisians. Finally though, I took the test to join the Special Tactics Department.

    The Special Tactics Department was a specialized department within the Security Force that specifically handled gangs in the Undercity. The training to even be apart of such a group took over two hundred rotations to complete. I was lucky enough to get on my instructors' good sides and I had plenty of practice with weapons to know what I was doing.
    The first few months in the Special Tactics Department were pretty rough. After training they sent me to my squad. I was "lucky" enough to be assigned to a squad that was heading to the Undercity in just a few days. The Undercity was nothing I could have ever imagined. It was always dark, and rakghouls were everywhere, but the gangs loved it down there. Our job was to seek out these gangs and destroy them. It seemed simple until we actually started.

    I was new, so they never let me go off on my own, for which I am thankful. We spent a year in the Undercity infiltrating different gangs and destroying them from the inside. During that time, I saw enough death and did my own fair share of killing. I justified it by thinking of my parents. I was giving them justice, and I made my peace with any criminal organization that dared to stand in my way.
    I only spent a few rotations in the Upper and Lower cities before deploying again to the Undercity. This time, I was experienced, so I had to infiltrate a gang on my own while the others monitored the situation. It was a very awkward time, but I had practiced hiding emotions to the point that it was almost second nature. The gang didn't know what hit it when we finally struck. Leader thought I was going to be his girl, and I let him know exactly what I thought about him with a blaster bolt to his head.

    My third year down in the Undercity involved a lot of firefights with gangs. I used a variety of weapons. By the age of twenty-two, I had enough experience fighting the gangs in the Undercity that I felt ready to take on anything. I wouldn't need to wait long.

    Twenty Two Years Old

    The Mandalorians invaded. When the orbital station was destroyed, we were all called in to the station. My squad and I waited until the Chief told us what our mission was. It was one of the simplest missions I had ever recieved: Kill the Mandalorians. That's exactly what we did.

    We moved through the city like water, killing any Mandalorian we could. The initial fighting took it's toll by taken two of my squad members. By that time, though, we had killed enough Mandalorians to know how they would react to things and I even got to pick up and keep a Mandalorian assault rifle and beskad. It was love at first wield, you could say.

    The battle for the surface of Taris raged and we did our best. At one point we would take pop-shots at the Mandalorians and draw them into the heavy repeater fields of fire. By the time the Chief caught up with us, we were down to five people in the squad. The Chief told us to head to the Undercity. I was okay with the order; let's fight the Mandalorians on our own turf.
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