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The story so far... {all read}

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Nis, May 25, 2015.

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    The End of the Force War
    4015 BBY
    The Force Wars had raged across the galaxy for several decades. The Sith Order and the Jedi Order were locked in one of the largest, open, large scale conflicts against each other since the time of the Bogan. What had originally been two flourishing groups of Force users, had become a mere handful on either side. Finally, in the year 4015 BBY upon the sands and rock of Korriban, the Jedi struck a fatal blow by killing the Dark Lord of the Sith. The remaining Sith retreated into the depths of the caves.

    The Jedi Order sent search parties through the caves, combing the planet for ten years. Finding no Sith aside from those laying in their tombs, the Jedi Order finally called off the search. A watch station was built orbiting Korriban, to monitor the planet and make sure that the planet would never be used for its intended purpose again.

    While the Jedi fruitlessly searched in the early years after the war, the Sith that had survived the war fled the planet of Korriban. For years they drifted among the stars as wanderers. Fights broke out between individuals and even groups. Their numbers dwindled and all hope for the survival of the Sith was trickling away.

    After a decade of wandering the galaxy, a call through the Force came to the Sith. They all heard it, felt it. They landed on Dromund Kaas, the planet they were passing. The fierce jungles killed many of the unsuspecting Sith, but those that made it to the ruined city found the source of the Force call. A man they would follow, or fall to.
    As the Jedi began to replenish their numbers before the Cartel Conflict, so too did the Sith. Both Orders began to rebuild. The Jedi hoped to have ended the Sith for good; the Sith training to enact their revenge.​

    The Cartel Conflict
    3996 BBY
    With the Jedi Order focusing solely on the Sith, the Hutt Cartel seized the opportunity to expand. They started with worlds to their galactic east, setting conquering the Aduba, Rinn, and Barab systems. The Opoku system, home of the Gamorreans, fell next. By a year’s time, the Hutt Cartel had expanded to almost twice its original size. By the year 3996 BBY, the Hutt Cartel was on the door step of the Republic.

    The Republic voted to crush the Hutt Cartel, but in order to do so they would need Jedi support. The Jedi refused to join the conflict, recently having just gotten out of the Force Wars, their numbers were not yet ready for another conflict.

    Without the help of the Jedi, the Republic sent it’s armies to battle. The first major battle happened in the Kashyyyk system. Republic battalions landed on both Kashyyyk and Trandosha, though most of the fighting occurred on Trandosha. The Hutts had bought Trandoshan loyalty, and thus began a bloody battle where the Republic took on two enemies at once. With Wookiee support, the Republic was able to drive the Hutts from Trandosha and sever the credit flow between the Trandoshans and the Hutts. Confident that the Wookiees could keep the Trandoshans in check, the Republic moved on.

    One by one, the Republic invaded and liberated planets from the Hutt Cartel. Though they were gaining victory after victory, the cost was astounding. Casualty lists mounted and soon the people of the Republic were protesting the war, saying to leave the Hutt Cartel alone as long as they don’t attack Republic worlds. The senate was largely opposed to letting the Hutts run rampant through the rest of the galaxy, but were eventually forced to sign a cease fire with the Hutt Cartel due to mounting unrest in the Republic.

    Though not thoroughly destroyed, the Hutt Cartel was a limping shell of its former self. They retreated back to their original borders, however kept the systems to its galactic east. Economically they could recover quite fast, but they had lost a lot of good slaves in the process, and it would take time to rebuild what they formerly had.
    The Countdown’s Begun
    3986 - 3976 BBY

    Two wars within such a short period of time wracked the galaxy and its major entities. One entity, formerly a minor faction, began to rise as the wars raged around them. Fuelled by their warrior nature, the Mandalorians began to unite the clans under a single leader. They began building arms, and making armor. Where once an abysmal fleet of trading ships orbited, a war fleet appeared, and steadily grew with each passing rotation. The Mandalorian efforts weren’t unnoticed.

    The Republic, seeing a force building so close to its borders, began to build their own arms back up. The recent conflict with the Cartel left them hurting for manpower and equipment, and the populace was still very much against anything to do with military action. Caught between a public that wanted peace, and an oath to defend the Republic at all costs, the Senate was in a dead lock of what to do with the growing Mandalorian threat.

    With two decades behind it to replenish economically, the Hutt Cartel began to rise once more. More slavers were transporting living beings into Hutt space than ever before.

    The Jedi Order have locked themselves in their temples on Coruscant, Tython, and Dantooine. Their focus is to train the younglings and Padawans they have, and to keep the peace on the planets they have a foothold on. A team of Jedi is always kept stationed at the watch station orbiting Korriban, but the team has gotten smaller than the garrison it had been before.

    With the chaos of the galaxy around it, the Sith Order was able to rebuild Dromund Kaas, and the Order’s forces. With new leadership, not even the Sith themselves could say where their destiny lay in the galactic arm’s race.

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