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Open Roleplay The Return

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Azarak, Jul 10, 2015.

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    Mandalore's flagship entered orbit of Mandalore. With him came many riches from Taris, which were to be distributed to his warriors upon their return. Cadus walked to his shuttle, escorted by his trusted warriors. Boarding his shuttle, he strapped in waiting for take off. The return always made him happy to see the reunions of warriors and their families. Taking off, the shuttle took off for Keldabe with all the other shuttles. Settling on the ground, Cadus prepared himself for the crowd. Cadus walked down the ramp onto the platform in front of the crowd. "Taris is ours!!!" Cadus shouted to the crowd pumping his fist in the air! The crowd roared cheering. Families were reunited and the warriors took their spoils of war home.

    Vak're stood in the crowd watching Mandalore. This was a sad, proud moment for him. His father had died serving Mandalore and bringing honor to their clan. Still, he couldn't help but feel hatred for those from Taris. Rak're had been an experienced warrior who had survived numerous battles. Training the Tarisians had been a slap to his face. Some of them would be decent warriors in time, but he still hated how weak they were. It took every fiber of his being to not bathe his vibroswords in the blood of the warriors from Taris. As his clan had always done, he would serve Mandalore and protect his family's honor. Vak're had been given part of his father's spoils of war. It did not make up for what they lost when he was dead.

    Over the coming weeks, a statue was erected of a Mandalorian Warrior raising a flag over Taris with the names of the deceased inscribed on it. Mandalore personally covered the expense with his share of the spoils. After all the warriors were taken care of, Mandalore finished his plans to relocate to Taris. The price paid in Mandalorian blood would not go in vain. Taris would become their new launching pad for future invasions. He personally wanted to oversee the advanced stages of Taris's transformation.

    With some willing clans, Mandalore returned to Taris. The space station was nearing completion. Some Mandalorians had heeded the call to aid their new Tarisian brothers into the transition into their new lives. Things had been hard for them, but the younger generations were responding well to Mandalorian culture, adopting the language and the desire for combat. Recruitment was up since he had left and there were plenty trained for protecting the planet and to heed Mandalore's call for a new conquest. The city was almost completely repaired in Mandalorian image. Crime was still dropping as quick punishments were carried out that were harsh on hardened criminals.

    Entering his command center, Mandalore pulled up a map of nearby planets with reports on the planets and the inhabitants of the planet. Numbers of civilians on the planets and resources were pulled up for him, at his finger tips.
    "Prepare a communication for me." Cadus stood ready, waiting for them to record him. "Attention surrounding planets. We are seeking for those who will join us in our crusade for glory. We only seek warriors worthy of being called Mandalorians. To the politicians of those planets, surrender now before it is to late. Join us and you will escape the fate of Taris." Cadus ended the transmission. Once it was finished, he prepared another for the Republic. "Attention leaders of the Republic. Acknowledge our claim to this sector of space. We are the ruling authority here. You are of no interest to us, but by your laws you must recognize our claim to Taris and any other systems that we conquer." After the transmission was ended, Cadus took a seat sipping some Tarisian ale. This substance was new to him. He founded it strangely enjoyable. Laying down, Cadus would wait to hear back on those transmissions in the morning.

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