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Want to help relaunch StarWarsRoleplay.com?

SWRP is officially launched! {Announcement}

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nis, Jun 8, 2015.

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    Hello and welcome to starwarsroleplay.com’s official launch post! We would have loved to launch sooner but really didn’t want to release an incomplete project. It’s taken a surprisingly long time to complete the site rules, roleplaying rules, faction rules, site information and install many small forum addon’s that will help enhance your roleplaying experience. We have tried to keep the rules very relaxed with the ability to create and train characters in the Force or building your own faction and army. I’m looking forward to seeing which established factions will grow the quickest, which new factions will emerge and which new characters will lead the way. As always we have a question and answer forum which I’d encourage you all to use should you have any question.We will no doubt be learning along the way and so always open to suggestions and site improvements.

    I’d also like to thank Mike for his work on the rules and dealing with a constant bombardment of messages from me. Mike is the only other member of staff at the moment and comes with a large pool of star wars and roleplaying knowledge and experience. I know we have a few members lurking with plenty of experience in running star wars roleplay sites and we will no doubt need their knowledge and experience. As the site expands we will take on a few more staff ‘officially’.

    In terms of growth I will be heavily advertising this website amongst my contacts, roleplaying networks and social media. Please do pass this link on to your fellow roleplayers and if you’re interested in helping make this site bigger and better, please see our contribute page. Our goal isn't to become the biggest star wars roleplaying site. In short, our goal is to create the most friendly and inclusive star wars roleplaying site - with the most creative ideas.

    As for roleplaying, the galaxies forum is now live and already some open posts for anyone to join. Please do real the galaxy story so far. Again any questions feel free to ask.

    I think that covers everything for a launch post. This post is also open so feel free to make a reply and take a paper party hat and cheap balloon on your way out.

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    Needs more freedom eagles and tea falling into the river. Wait... I got this.


    There... Now it's perfect!​

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