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Informative Post Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Rules and Guidelines' started by Mike, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to our Rules and Guidelines section. It should be noted that we do not enjoy putting restrictions on roleplaying, but we also understand that without these rules there would be those few that take advantage of the system and ruin the roleplay for everyone else. If you have any questions or concerns, please post in Questions, Suggestions, & Complaints. Should you want to talk privately, please feel free to private message any of the staff and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you on the subject.

    General Forum Rules

    1. No spamming.

    2. Swearing/Offensive content is permitted in character. Out of character swearing, heated posts, or offensive content can be deleted at the discretion of a Moderator. Persistent use of offensive content will result in a warning or ban.

    3. Do not verbally abuse or harass other members.

    4. No cybering or explicitly sexual content.

    5. Redack will be banned on sight.

    Roleplaying Rules

    1. All elements of the roleplay should be kept in the Star Wars universe

    2. Non-canon technology is not allowed. Custom models may be made from existing technology.

    3. To use Force powers, you must have acquired them in a valid way.

    4. If your character dies, the character is dead.

    5. When entering a roleplay, you should state what weapons the character has on them OR provide a link to your character’s profile in the post (Or your signature) in which explains what weapons your character possess.

    6. Planets/Moons/Stars cannot be destroyed unless explicitly allowed by staff or agreed upon by forum consensus.

    7. You may not use two or more characters of the same Force alignment or same side in a duel unless you receive permission from the others involved in the duel.

    8. A character may only participate in one roleplay at a time unless the roleplays are happening at different times that won’t affect each other.

    9. Anyone who enters a roleplay with another player has 7 days from the last reply to post again. Once the 7 day period is up, people will be allowed to void the roleplay or remove you from it.

    Character Creation

    1. You can have an unlimited amount of characters.

    2. New characters can be created and use immediately, but it is preferable that they have a profile.

    3. Pre-Force trained characters can be created but a detailed profile and approval from staff of that profile is REQUIRED in this instance.

    4. Pre-Force trained characters can not start out above the rank of Knight.

    5. Pre-Force trained characters are allowed to know the core Force powers. See Force Powers Article for what is Core and what is not. They are allowed two additional powers that don’t need a Master to be trained. See Force Abilities for more information.

    6. Keep characters realistic.

    Force Training

    1. In order to train another character in the ways of the Force, you must have a profile up in the Character Profiles board, and know the Force abilities you are teaching.

    2. Character CAN learn Force powers on their own via holocrons. In order to learn a power via holocron, you must make a minimum of 3 posts describing the learning process of the character (replies to the same post count as long as they’re the same poster).


    1. If there is a dispute regarding an IC fight, the dispute will be settled by a committee of staff (Like a jury.

    2. In the case of a duel with grey areas in a dispute, any benefit of the doubt will be given to the defender – however, if the attacker is clear and detailed, and the defender is vague, then the attacker gets the benefit of the doubt.

    3. In battle, if an attack is ignored or insufficiently defended against, the attack is effective.

    4. When in a battle or fight you must state any weapons, special equipment, and armor. Alternatively, you can have them in your profile (as long as they’re sufficiently detailed) and link it in the post or in your signature.

    5. Players may not attack other players on their first post joining an RP. They may make an attack in the second post if they wish.

    6. All forms of godmodding are forbidden on this forum. Godmodding is where characters are virtually invincible and perform actions even the greatest Jedi/Sith could never have done.


    1. An NPC can not attack a PC unless the PC controlling the NPC is attacked, or the NPC itself is attacked.

    2. Armies may only attack other armies UNLESS a PC chooses to engage on the front lines of a battle.

    3. Robotic/mechanical construct can not use the Force. The majority of the body must be organic to use the Force.

    4. All major factions have NPC’s attached to them (i.e. Jedi Order has Jedi, Sith Order has Sith). These NPC’s can ONLY be used in defense and CAN NOT travel away from the planet they’re stationed on unless for story purposes expressed by the faction leader or staff.
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