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Oberon Synn

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Oberon Synn, Jun 25, 2015.

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    FIRST NAME: Oberon

    LAST NAME: Synn

    SPECIES: Human

    HOMEWORLD: Mandalore

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 26

    HEIGHT: 6"1

    WEIGHT: Roughly 190 lbs.


    ALIGNMENT: The Highest Bidder

    FACTION: None/Hutts

    RANK: Bounty Hunter

    SKILLS: Excelled Hand to Hand, Marksmanship, Tactics, and has a knack for starfighters as well as technology/mechanical workings.


    LIGHTSABER FORMS: None, though he is trained with a vibrosword as Mandalorians usually are.

    PERSONALITY: Quiet and collected, he thinks ahead but acts with aggression and precision.

    LIKES: A good drink, a fat stack of credits, gambling and winning.

    DISLIKES: Traitors, Cowards, When he is back stabbed, lied, or setup.

    WEAPONS: His Modified medium range scoped blaster rifle, includes a stun setting. (See Profile Picture for weapon)

    His custom built cylinder blaster pistol sidearm. Contains 8 cylinders that are hand charged with blaster munition, causing a more focused energy when shooting. Each cylinder usually gets a few shots.


    Tools/Utilities: He uses a variety of tools and gadgets from his utility belt, such as tracking devices, grenades ect. He has a flamethrower on his left wrist and a grapplehook/ropetie on his right wrist. On his back is a fairly large dual chambered jetpack with a high output allowing him to travel quickly with it.

    He has a full set of armor, including a helmet with an enhanced vision attachment allowing for nightvision, tactical view, and light thermal optics. His armor is layered and thinned durasteel for strength with lightweight, though his chest piece is entirely unique and is pure Beskar from Mandalore.

    (For more info on Beskar, see- http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mandalorian_iron )

    APPEARANCE: Brown hair with hazy eyes, usually bears a stubble with a strong jawline, complimented by a scar across the bridge of his nose.







    Brief Backstory/History:

    Oberon was born on Mandalore into one of the smaller clans, raised by his father and taught in the Mandalorian ways. He fought as a lesser clansman and soldier for the Mandalorians up until the death of his father. He had made friends and enemies but he had known his fathers death was not by the hand of an enemy. He knew the form all too well which had caused such wounds he had seen. His father had been in a somewhat higher position among their small clan, and his father's brother had always been challenging his father to push harder and do regretful things. His uncle wanted a position for himself, so he could raise through the ranks and make this clan known and noticed by the Mandalore. So he struck down Oberon's father in the dead of night. Oberon was only 13 at the time.

    Oberon was mortified to find his father a slight distance away from their living area. His neck was cut, arms and legs sliced and battered. He wasn't bested but murdered. Though his chest was unharmed, for he wore a pure Beskar chest piece. It was his secret to living out battles, it had been passed on from his father, and his fathers father. Oberon remembered being told about such a piece of armor when he was young, supposedly not even a lightsaber could pierce this armor. But now he was a man, and his father was gone. It was time for him to carry on the legacy, and he knew his legacy wouldn't remain on Mandalore...

    At the age of 16 He wore his fathers armor and the insignia of his family name on his shoulder, he was becoming a man and had learned great skills and combat maneuvers. It took him time to piece it together that his uncle had done the deed on his father, but he knew it was him. Now his Uncle led this small clan, as they had disputes with another smaller clan. Believing that whichever clan came out on top in battle would gain attention and grow. Though they were so wrong.

    Finally, they met face to face on their home of Mandalore. The opposing clan had raided Oberon's home and his fellow Mandalorians, they waged war..

    In the heat of battle, Oberon fought for his life coming across his uncle trying to rally everyone. Though his intention was escape for himself- heroically. Believing this was his uncle's fault and the time was right, Oberon struck down his uncle in the presence of the others who were shocked and confused but had no choice other than to keep fighting. It was then that Oberon made his escape through the battle.

    Through fortunate events, Oberon managed to smuggle aboard a ship leaving the planet and to exit at a space station. Where he began his new life as a new man.

    Years passed and he trained hard, got bounties, and used his superior skills and training to kill for credits. Earning him armor, a name, and good weaponry. Though he always wore that Beskar armor as it had saved his life and reminded him of his father.

    He grew to a man, and worked for the highest bidder. Now a skilled Hunter which was all he ever knew. He set out to earn a name for himself. And the honor he desired but was left out on with his Clan.

    He was ready for more than credits and work. He was ready for an adventure, and a meaning in this Galaxy...

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