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Landry Belway [[Currently Unaligned]]

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Lancer, Jul 10, 2015.

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    FIRST NAME: Landry

    LAST NAME: Belway

    SPECIES: Human

    HOMEWORLD: Socorro

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 15

    HEIGHT: 5'6"

    WEIGHT: 120 lbs.


    FACTION: Currently a member of the Scions of Socorro, though by necessity rather than choice. The Scions are primarily a smuggler's ring, although they are also in opposition to Overlord Xath'rid and his Sand Knights on Socorro. They are the combined remnants of the criminal organizations that once effectively governed the planet--while much of those factions surrendered and now serve Xath'rid, many others banded together both to oppose Xath'rid and to continue their business. The faction is led by Captain Barthos and his second-in-command Lieutenant Varani.

    RANK: Landry is too young and inexperienced to have any position in the organization, even that of a grunt. Barthos occasionally uses his latent Force abilities as a way to sense traps or dangers.

    FORCE POWERS: Just Force Sense, for now. Landry has not been formally trained and has painstakingly learned the basics of Sense through trial and error, so his grasp of Sense is tenuous at best.

    PERSONALITY: Landry is intelligent but very indecisive, as he prefers to go over every option in detail before making any important choice. As such, learning to rely upon the Force in even the simplest sense has been very difficult for him, since he's not accustomed to viewing emotions or gut feelings as actual evidence and is always second-guessing himself. He is incredibly introspective and analytical, and basically every decision he makes and word he says will get turned over and over in his mind until he figures out what was 'correct.' He's also pretty easy to manipulate; since he's not very confident himself, he puts a lot of stock in what other people think and say and often just assumes they're right. He is, however, extremely determined when he zeroes in on a goal, as he has with defeating Xath'rid, and is capable of being patient and playing the long game to achieve that goal. His mantra is 'whatever it takes,' as he's learning to go to whatever lengths for what he wants.

    WEAPONS: Landry has received some rudimentary training with blaster pistols, but he's not very good with them yet so he typically doesn't carry one.

    APPEARANCE: Short and slight, and still a teenager, Landry is easily overlooked; in fact, there's not much remarkable about his appearance at all. He has short black hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion, and he typically dresses casually like the rest of the Scions. Landry is always clean-shaven, as what facial hair he can grow is patchy and he doesn't feel it looks good. He has a bright smile and looks perhaps even younger than he is, but he rarely smiles since he left his home two years ago.

    HISTORY/BIBLIOGRAPHY: Parvino Belway and Lavinia Cecchetti met in med school on the distant planet of Socorro and began dating shortly thereafter. Both Socorran natives, the two got married and went into practice together around the same time. Socorro was a dangerous place to work and live, but the Belways knew nothing else, and so they moved to a smaller city to avoid the worst of the rabble and tried to keep themselves as free as possible from the rest of Socorro's criminal elements. Medical experts were always in demand, however, so they couldn't avoid it all. They had Landry a few years into their marriage and Matio five years after that, and Lavinia took a more limited role in their partnership upon the birth of their second son.

    When Xath'rid and the Sand Knights took over control of the planet, the Belways were visited by Lavinia's older brother Wagner, who warned them that Xath'rid was going to be pressing some of the more 'valuable' members of Socorro into his service; this led Lavinia to stop working at all to prevent both of them from being taken, and sure enough Parvino was conscripted into the Socorran military as a medic. With Lavinia unable to work in an official capacity for fear of being taken herself, money became tight, but she managed to make ends meet with a combination of some odd jobs, what money Parvino was able to send back, and the small amount of money she allowed Wagner to contribute.

    Not long after Xath'rid's ascension and Parvino's conscription, Xath'rid sent his Sand Knights around the planet in search of Force-Sensitive individuals to recruit. Wagner, who was Force-Sensitive himself and had moved away from the capital city of Vakeyya in anticipation of just such a move, figured out quickly that Landry was Force-Sensitive and hatched a plan to get Landry off-planet: he got in contact with Captain Barthos, leader of the newly formed smuggler's ring/resistance force the Scions of Socorro, and promised him that Landry would eventually overthrow Xath'rid if he could escape and learn how to harness his Force abilities. In the meantime, Barthos would be able to make what use of Landry as he could.

    For two years, Barthos took Landry under his wing. He did his best to shelter him from the rest of the smugglers, as well as training him in certain aspects of the business, though Landry proved woefully inept at subterfuge and not much better with blasters. More importantly, he allowed Landry access to the HoloNet to research the Force, and Landry began to develop his abilities. They found that Landry's danger sense was quite strong, and while Landry was always a little hesitant to share his senses, he gradually started to trust them a little more; for his part, Barthos listened to Landry's premonitions, which wound up saving the Scions on several occasions.

    It wasn't all fun and games with the Scions, however. As interested as Barthos was in Landry's abilities and potential, he was still a violent and volatile man, and after a couple of beatings Landry learned to make himself scarce whenever Barthos was in a particularly foul mood. On one occasion, Barthos threatened Landry with revealing his family's identities to Xath'rid, just in case he ever had any ideas about leaving the Scions. Lieutenant Varani, Barthos's second-in-command, rarely even acknowledged Landry, except to snap at him whenever he was in her way. Landry usually attempted to avoid the other members of the crew, but it was impossible to stay out of their way completely, and many of them were much less amused by what they referred to as 'Barthos's Pet.' He was witness to firefights and starfights, and several times was close to death when Xath'rid nearly caught up to the Scions.

    Still, Landry survived and persisted, and even started to make progress toward his eventual goal of liberating Socorro from Xath'rid's tyranny. His biggest step forward came when he took part in a deal with the Sunlance pirates on Eriadu: a large load of spice for an almost-equivalent sum of credits, plus the ultimate prize he had requested from Barthos: a Holocron. He accompanied the mission because Barthos and Varani did not trust Sunlance and wanted a little forewarning if things were to go wrong, and he was able to successfully warn Varani of Sunlance's treachery and save the mission. The Holocron, along with some time on-planet to practice with it, was his reward, and he would be able to continue his self-training in earnest.

    For some more details on the most important events in Landry's life, see his introductory roleplay.
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    Landry’s Relationships

    Parvino Belway, Lavinia Cecchetti, Matio Belway

    Status: Unknown

    Bio: While Parvino was born to one of the few families on the up-and-up on Socorro, Lavinia came from a family with long connections to criminal organizations. Most of her family was involved from an early age, and she herself had occasional involvement, but for the most part her parents and older siblings steered her away from those endeavors. Lavinia, as the youngest child, was encouraged to leave the dangerous lifestyle behind and to pursue a more legitimate lifestyle. Meanwhile, Parvino followed in the footsteps of his parents, and the two met in medical school. They were in practice together for years until they had their second child, Matio, after which Lavinia worked only part-time to spend more time with the children. The family made a good living, despite their (rarely successful) attempts to keep their noses clean—Lavinia’s family ties kept them from running into too much trouble even on trouble-filled Socorro. And then Xath’rid took over, which turned everything upside-down for the family: Parvino was conscripted into Xath’rid’s military as a medic, while Lavinia was convinced by her older brother Wagner that Landry should be sent off-planet for his own safety.

    Personality: Parvino is about as straight-laced as they come on Socorro, which is to say he is only mildly crooked. With her family history, Lavinia is a little more open to the criminal elements, and her influence helped Parvino pick his spots whenever it became necessary to dip their toes in the criminal world. They cared for their family a lot, which caused them to make compromises they might have otherwise avoided. Life on Socorro has a tendency to teach people to do what’s necessary to survive, and the Belway family was no exception.

    Relationship: Landry had a good relationship with his parents, which is part of why he’s so determined to return to Socorro once he’s developed his Force abilities. They took pains to reinforce how dangerous the denizens of Socorro could be as he grew up and attempted to shelter him as well as they could. Matio was five years younger than Landry, and while Landry was occasionally annoyed by his younger brother, he did care about him a lot and was very protective of him. Matio, for his part, really looked up to his older brother.

    Wagner Cecchetti

    Status: Unknown

    Bio: Unlike his younger sister, Wagner was well and fully involved in Socorro’s criminal overworld from the time he was 16. His family’s extortion racket in Vakeyya was his early stomping ground, but eventually he and a friend, Canda Barthos, joined a smuggling ring together. On one run to Naboo, Wagner encountered a Force Adept who identified him as Force-Sensitive, and Wagner learned the basics of the Force and put them to good use in his smuggling career. His instincts helped him and Barthos to rise through the ranks, eventually landing Barthos as the second-in-command of one of the largest smuggling organizations in Socorro, with Wagner as his right-hand-man. The two happened to be off-planet when Xath’rid made his move, helped in part due to a premonition Wagner had, so they escaped Xath’rid’s execution of the leaders of the top criminal organizations, and they went into hiding upon their return. Wagner, aware of the rumors surrounding Xath’rid’s abilities and of his attempts to recruit Force-Sensitive individuals, fled Vakeyya to the outer town where his sister Lavinia resided. There, he saw an opportunity: Landry exhibited many of the same traits he himself had, and it was clear the boy was Force-Sensitive.

    With Parvino gone and his sister Lavinia’s work options limited, Wagner felt he needed to risk Xath’rid finding him in order to help out the family…but Landry needed to get off-planet, and if he was getting off-planet already, he might as well learn how to use the power he possessed. Wagner contacted his old friend Barthos and explained the situation, and the two of them hoped to leverage Landry’s potential in the long run to overthrow Xath’rid. Wagner would also be sowing seeds of resistance on Socorro itself, as long as he could avoid being caught.

    Personality: With a fun-loving demeanor and a legitimate care for his family members, Wagner is easy to like. That is, however, a little deceptive. Wagner can be very callous and manipulative, as he often has trouble seeing even the people he cares about as more than pieces on a holochess board. Outside of his family and a few select friends, Wagner is largely amoral, and he’s not above using even those he’s close with to his advantage.

    Relationship: Because Landry lived well away from Vakeyya and Wagner was frequently traveling, the two actually didn’t know each other that well, although Wagner definitely filled the role of the ‘fun uncle’ when he did come around. Landry is mostly unaware of Wagner’s sordid past, though he knows there’s some connection between Wagner and Barthos. Lavinia, Landry’s mother, suspected quite a bit more, but she held Wagner’s instincts in high regard and told Landry that he could trust him.

    Captain Canda Barthos

    Status: Alive, stationed on Eriadu

    Bio: Born in the slums of Vakeyya, the Devaronian Canda Barthos had little chance to avoid a life of crime, as he was running errands for smugglers and dealers even as a young child. He was a little brighter than the average thug and worked his way into having a decent reputation as a worker on the streets. He met Wagner Cecchetti as a teenager and was able to work as hired muscle for the Cecchetti family for a while, before the two of them struck out on their own to join a smuggler’s group. Barthos was the only other person who knew about Wagner’s Force-Sensitivity, and the two of them capitalized on it to propel themselves up the ranks, eventually landing in high positions in one of the most powerful smuggling organizations on the planet. While Wagner left the capital upon Xath’rid’s ascension, Barthos stayed in Vakeyya and quietly reached out to his contacts, eventually meeting and forming the Scions of Socorro with Annette Varani, another high-ranking member of a former criminal power. The Scions started off slowly but gradually picked up steam as news of a resistance to Xath’rid spread, and they formed bases of operations in several nearby systems while also sowing seeds on the planet. They soon became enough of a thorn in the side that Xath’rid posted a bounty on the head of each known leader as well as the organization as a whole, but thus far they’ve managed to evade both Xath’rid and the would-be collectors of the bounty. The most dangerous foe who attempted to take down the Scions was the pirate group Sunlance, but Barthos had learned how to take advantage of a Force-Sensitive individual and was able to get a warning of Sunlance’s treachery from Landry.

    Personality: Barthos is ruthless and greedy, but also cunning and a hard worker. He’s got a reputation as a dangerous man to cross and an even more dangerous man to fail, but he’s also generous with pay and can be quite charismatic when necessary. His initially jovial personality can give way to an explosive temper at a moment’s notice, and those who know him well know to stay out of his way when that happens.

    Relationship: Barthos’s relationship with Landry is somewhat unique. He’s approached the boy in a way that can almost be described as fatherly, as he took interest in training Landry in a few disciplines related to smuggling and kept him out of the way of most of the more sordid crowd among the Scions. The Scions have strict orders not to mess with Landry or even to interact with him any more than necessary, as Barthos wanted to make sure that his friend Wagner’s nephew was unharmed and as unsullied as possible. Still, Barthos is pragmatic, and he is determined to make use of Landry whenever possible; even his encouragement of Landry’s Force-related pursuits is self-motivated. He is also not a gentle man, and on multiple occasions Landry has been around when Barthos lost his temper and has caught a beating. Because of this, Landry is intimidated by Barthos more than anything else, and while he’s grateful for some things, ultimately he would prefer to find some way to get out from under Barthos’s thumb.

    Lieutenant Annette Varani

    Status: Alive, stationed on Eriadu

    Bio: Little is known about Varani, even by Captain Barthos. She actually grew up in the Inner Rim, where she was trained as an intelligence agent in the Republic, but her ruthlessness in a mission left her not only without a job but as a wanted woman. She found new life on Socorro, where her training made her a sought-after commodity in the criminal world, and she very easily established herself as a high-ranking member of Socorran society. Her reasons for opposing Xath’rid are unknown, as he would have certainly been able to make use of her skills, but it seems likely she simply did not want to be in service to another government authority after how poorly it worked out for her the first time.

    Personality: Crisp, blunt, and precise, Varani sticks out like a sore thumb amidst the rather casual and coarse smuggler’s crowd. She carries herself with an air of authority and professionalism, and she is never seen smiling or really displaying any sort of emotion whatsoever. Varani is the very picture of competence and has very little patience for anyone who doesn’t reach her standards…which is most people. Despite this, she has little ambition to power and is usually content to serve under someone like Barthos.

    Relationship: Varani is the only member of the Scions besides Barthos that Landry has any real contact with, but her aloof nature means they don’t have much of a relationship at all. As far as Varani is concerned, until Landry actually starts to develop his Force abilities, he is at best useless and at worst a liability, and she treats him accordingly. Varani cuts an intimidating figure for most people, and especially so for someone like Landry.

    Overlord Xath’rid

    Status: Alive, presumably on Socorro

    Bio: A Twi’lek, Xath’rid was born on Ryloth in the year 4021 BBY, but he didn’t stay there long. In the midst of the Force Wars, both the Jedi and the Sith were desperately seeking all Force-Sensitive individuals they could find, but the Sith got to Xath’rid first. He received only the most rudimentary training as a Sith, since he was only six when the Force Wars ended, but his Sith trainer escaped Korriban with him and fled to the Outer Rim. There, Xath’rid was trained and became wholly devoted to the Dark Side of the Force, though not the Sith in particular.

    When Xath’rid was in his twenties, he and his Master formed a Dark Side organization they called the Order of the Stars, and they caused some problems for the Jedi and Republic for a few years before the Cartel Conflict occurred. Xath’rid’s master spoke of eventually reconstituting the Sith out of the Order, which Xath’rid was conflicted about…but the Order was short-lived, as the Jedi eventually caught up with the Order and killed his master and most of the recruits. Xath’rid survived, but the experience left him with disdain for the Sith Order in general. Clearly, they had not been strong enough to handle the Jedi, so Xath’rid vowed that if he were to ever lead such an organization, he would take his time and make sure it was powerful before making a move.

    Over the next couple of decades, Xath’rid formed a pirate group called the Sand Knights based out of Socorro with the few surviving members of the Order of the Stars, and as he traveled across the galaxy he recruited more Force-users to join him. He bided his time until he felt he had enough Force-users and enough credits to be successful, as well as enough support from various facets of Socorran society. Finally, after winning over a good portion of the Socorrans with his promises of wealth and strength, Xath’rid launched a successful coup of the planet and installed himself as Overlord. Socorro had been his target because it was out of the way and unlikely to attract attention from dangerous galactic powers, which so far has proven to be true as his takeover has largely gone unnoticed.

    When the Sith call to Dromund Kaas went out, Xath’rid scorned it as he had already achieved some amount of power. In his lifetime, the Sith hadn’t accomplished anything of note, whereas Xath’rid was well on his way to carving out at least a corner of the galaxy for himself. Not content with just Socorro, Xath’rid began forming a military and figuring out how best he could increase his hold on the Outer Rim.

    Personality: Xath’rid is ruthless, merciless, and power-hungry, hence his hostile takeover of the world of Socorro. To him, everyone is around either to serve him or to oppose him, and any sort of defiance is something to be crushed. He’s not likely to let anyone get away with a perceived slight, even if it takes him years. Cold and calculating, Xath’rid is a planner who is capable of waiting to make his move, but he never takes his eyes off the prize. If he has any line he’s not willing to cross to get what he wants, he hasn’t found it yet. Despite all of this, he’s also excellent at hiding his true nature behind a charming exterior, and he really does have a way with people. Xath’rid is eloquent and has a knack for inspiring people to do exactly what he wants.

    Relationship: Xath’rid and Landry have never actually met, and it’s not clear if Xath’rid knows that Landry even exists. To Landry, on the other hand, Xath’rid is the bogeyman. He never really got to see the effects of Xath’rid’s tyranny first-hand, since Wagner and Barthos spirited him away shortly after the takeover, but the fact that his family was torn apart due to Xath’rid combined with the stories Barthos has told him means that Landry regards Xath’rid with a deep hatred.
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