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Korriban - Off the Leash [[Faze Zharing - Introductory]]

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Lancer, Jul 22, 2015.

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    Rations. A few sets of clothes. A medkit. A picture of Dinara. Random toiletries. Sabacc winnings. Blaster pistol. Lightsabers.

    Yep, that was everything. Easiest move of his life—maybe there actually was something to this whole ‘Jedi don’t need possessions’ thing. Faze hefted the bag onto his back, and it felt incredibly light despite carrying just about everything he had to his name. One last look around the room confirmed that yes, his quarters looked just as bare after he had packed as they had before. Well, maybe the Jedi could stand just a bit more opulent. No wonder he had spent as little time here as possible over the past years—he would have gone insane staring at these blank walls the entire time.

    “All done packing, huh? That was quick.”

    Faze turned toward his open door, though he recognized the voice instantly. Ashaya Candio, his closest friend at the base. He gave her a sly grin. “Most difficult assignment I’ve had here.” They shared a laugh, knowing it was all too true. Life on the Korriban monitoring station was, quite frankly, boring. Most of the other Jedi on the station would say it was a sacred and important duty to guard the ancestral home of the Sith, but Ashaya and Faze were the only ones to put into words what most of the Jedi thought deep down: the Sith were dead, and they weren’t coming back.

    “Glad at least one of us is getting off this hunk of junk.” Ashaya said as she came into his room, as usual not bothering to hide her thoughts from him. Even without the Force, he would have been able to read the conflict in her voice: she was genuinely happy for him, but she hated that she was stuck here alone. Likewise, it was rough for him to leave her here…though that was outweighed by his much greater desire to get out of this sinkhole himself.

    “Hey, if this thing with the Mandalorians blows up, we’ll need all the warriors we can get in the field. You’ll get out of here then for sure.” He winked at her, but her smile in return was forced. Faze didn’t take it personally: Ashaya had been assigned to the station almost as long as he had, but as one of the Jedi’s better Starfighter pilots Faze had at least had missions outside of the base, while she had been stuck there the entire time. And now that the Mandalorians were being belligerent anyway, his status as a potential political liability was moot, hence the reassignment. Her reasons for being stuck here were a bit more…complicated.

    “Yeah, sure. I’m on the edge of my seat for that one.” She took a sheet on his bed and shook her head. “It’s going to be horrible without you here, Faze.” She looked up at him with a mischievous smile. “You sure you can’t take me with you? Sneak me out in your bag?”

    “Are you kidding? Have you seen this thing?” He grabbed the bag and opened it, displaying its meager contents for her to see. “It’s literally packed full with everything that I own!” They laughed again, but the levity soon gave way into an uncomfortable silence. Over the course of their friendship, there had been very few of these awkward silences, at least until the news of his reassignment had come in—as fellow Corellians, the two had clicked instantly, even conspiring to introduce the very un-Jedilike game of sabacc to the station as a means to pass the time. Hell, she was the only one who knew the truth of Faze’s last mission with his Jedi Master, and he was the only one on-station she had told about why she was assigned here. Rarely was there anything that came between them, but the strange combination of envy and desire had created a small but noticeable gulf between them for the first time.

    After what seemed like a long moment, she looked back up at him. “It’s time, isn’t it?” He glanced at his chrono and nodded, and she got up, suddenly throwing her arms around him in an embrace. “You be careful out there, okay? I’ll get out of here eventually, you know, and if you get yourself killed before we get to go on a mission together, I’ll be pissed!” She pulled away and socked him, surprisingly hard.

    He rubbed his arm and gave her a mock scowl. “Hey, no way anybody’s going to take me down! You’ve seen me on the sparring field!” He gave her another wink, and this time she laughed and shoved him. During their time on the base, they had sparred each other every couple of days, and kept a running tally on how many matches each won. Though Faze had started out well ahead of her when she got there, she had gotten better and now they were nearly evenly matched…but Faze had still beaten her in the tally this month.

    They walked down the hallway toward the hanger, getting stopped on the way frequently as Faze said goodbye to the station staff as well as their fellow Jedi. Though his unorthodox style and bluntness had led to a good amount of friction with the other Jedi, he had managed to win, well, most of them over by the time he left…though he was certain a number of them were not sad to see him go. The station staff, who were by and large not Force-users, were actually easier for him to get along with than most of the Jedi, and a lot of them had joined his weekly sabacc nights. That much, at least, he would miss…though he would certainly have a lot more non-Jedi to talk to on Coruscant.

    As they reached the hanger and Faze’s starship, they stopped and shared another embrace. “Say hello to Dinara for me,” Ashaya said, and he nodded before climbing into the cockpit. With Ashaya looking on, Faze hesitated only for a second before blasting off into space.

    “Goodbye, Ashaya…and good riddance, Korriban!”

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