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Kito Rhuin

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Mike, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Mike

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    Kito Rhuin
    Original picture by Keiiii at Deviant Art

    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Nal Hutta

    Faction: Jedi Order
    Rank: Padawan


    Force Sense
    Force Push
    Force Pull
    Force Speed
    Force Jump
    Force Whirlwind
    Force Deflection
    Breath Control

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  2. Mike

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    He Will Be Free

    “Kerra, we can’t keep him here,” Aiden said. He gripped her shoulders and turned her fully toward him. Kerra’s emerald, human eyes began to spring tears. She bounced a small bundle in her arms; a bundle of white that stirred whenever she touched it with her hand that wasn’t holding it. “If he stays,” Aiden pleaded, his own bright blue eyes beginning to water. “He’ll be a slave like the rest of us. I know that’s not what you want for him; it can’t be what you want.”

    “It’s not!” Kerra choked out. “It’s just,” she paused, bouncing the bundle in her arms and letting her tears fall onto the fine, white cloth covering the bundle. “It’s hard; I wanted him. I carried him. I gave birth to him. How can I just let him go?” Kerra shook her head and nuzzled her face into the bundle, causing a small sound reminiscent of a giggle and a lot of stirring. She lifted her face from the comfort of the bundle, her make up beginning to run. Aiden shook his head.

    “If you love him, you’ll let him go. Give him a life outside of slavery,” Aiden said. “I refuse to let my own son be a slave like us.” Aiden dropped his hands from Kerra’s shoulders and lifted her chin with a finger to meet his gaze. “We have to send him.”

    “B-but where?” Kerra asked. Her face was marred by running make up, tears, and a mixture of emotions ranging from but not limited to concern, heart-ache, and frustration. Aiden sighed, turning around and making his way to the table. It was cluttered with datapads and some uneaten food. They rarely had time to eat at the table since the Cartel Conflict came to an end. Life became miserable for the slaves in Cartel space after that. Longer working hours and fewer rations. It’s a wonder they even still allowed private homes for the slaves.

    Aiden picked up a datapad, pressing a few buttons on it as he turned back to Kerra. “We can send him to Coruscant,” he said without looking up. This resulted in a small cry from Kerra.

    “No! I will not send my child to Coruscant! It’s almost as bad as sending him to Nar Shaddaa!” she spat. Aiden looked at her, shaking his head. He typed a few more things into the datapad.

    “We can send him to Tython,” Aiden said, though his voice lowered to just above a whisper as he said the planet. Kerra’s eyes widened but she was speechless. “It’s the home of the Jedi,” Aiden said, pausing. “Even if the Jedi don’t accept him, they won’t leave him to fend for himself.” There was a long silence between the mother and father. They didn’t look at each other; it was too hard on them knowing they were giving their child away. Kerra kept her eyes on the bundle in her arms, and Aiden lowered his eyes down to datapad in his hands.

    A knock rapped on the door. “Aiden, it’s time. Have you made a decision?” the familiar voice brought a sense of relief to the parents. Aiden walked swiftly to the door, pressing a button on the panel to the left of it. The door opened with a hiss, revealing yet another human, though instead of the torn rags Aiden and Kerra wore, this human wore brightly colored garments underneath a dark cloak. The man nodded a hello to Aiden.

    “Yes, we have,” Aiden said quietly so that no one on the street could hear him. He handed the datapad to the man. The man looked at it, pressed a few buttons and nodded.

    “Are you sure?” the man asked.

    “Yes. This is the best choice, we think,” Aiden whispered. The man nodded again.

    “I’ll give you some time, but we must go soon or not at all,” the man said, stepping into the home and pressing the button to close the door behind him. Aiden turned to Kerra who was already bawling into the white bundle in her arms. Her crying was so intense that the sweet, motherly words she said came out unintelligible.

    Aiden sauntered to her, wrapping one arm around her and placing his other hand on the bundle. He looked down at the bundle. A pair of bright blue eyes stared back into his own; they were innocent eyes, happy eyes. A few moments later, Aiden took the bundle from Kerra and placed it into the cloaked man’s arms. Kerra tried to get back to her child, but Aiden held her in place, beginning to cry himself.

    “Go,” he said quietly to the man. “Please, go.” The man nodded silently, opened the door, and sauntered out of it. The heart-ache was too much, and Aiden gave in and charged after the man with Kerra. When they got to the door, the man was no where to be found on the street. Kerra slumped onto her knees while Aiden closed the door, pressing his forehead into it as he wept silently. It was for the best.
  3. Mike

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    The Force

    “Where are we going, Master?” Kito asked. His bright blue eyes wandered around him, taking in the beautiful yet ferocious Tython jungle. It was the only scenery Kito had ever known, aside from the bright, marble-like stones of the Jedi Temple. The brown robed man Kito followed stayed silent for a while, before stopping along the path and turning to Kito.

    Soft hazel eyes met Kito’s bright blue eyes, and a warm smile greeted him. “Patience, Kito,” he said, his voice firm yet comforting. Master Ralzea was the closest thing Kito had to a father. He had taken care of Kito, as well as taught him the ways of the Jedi, since before Kito could even consciously think. Sometimes the training was hard, but Ralzea was always there to comfort and talk to Kito afterwards to explain why it had to be hard.

    “Yes, Master,” Kito said, biting his bottom lip and looking around at the scenery some more. Ralzea chuckled a bit under his breath and continued down the path with Kito in tow. It took what seemed like forever for Kito, but Ralzea finally stopped again. This time, an open field lay ahead of him. Kito walked up and stopped right beside his Master.

    “We’re here,” Ralzea said. Kito looked up at him questioningly and then back out at the grassy field. Many different species shared the field, some big and some small. The grass was bright and the water clear up until a lone tree in the center of the field. The tree seemed darker to Kito than the rest of the field. “You have practiced the Force and are in the top of your class,” Ralzea explained. “You’ve heard time and time again about the lightside and darkside of the Force, but it’s time you experience both.”

    “I have to go to the darkside?” Kito asked, suddenly shifting a worried gaze up to his Master. Ralzea chuckled and shook his head, placing a hand on Kito’s shoulder length, sandy-blonde hair.

    “No, young one. You must witness it,” Ralzea said. “A Jedi must know what is light and what is dark, and in order to know that, they must witness and feel both sides.” Kito looked back out to the field, eyes locking on the tree that didn’t quite feel right. Ralzea crouched to be at Kito’s eye level. He pointed out to grazing Uxibeasts. The herd was splayed out seemingly randomly, though Kito did notice all the young Uxibeasts stayed in the center of the herd.

    “All around you can feel the lightside of the Force, Kito,” Ralzea said, lowering his arm. “You feel it in yourself, you feel it in me, and you feel it in many of the creatures you see in the field.” Kito listened to his Master but kept his eyes on the Uxibeasts. They weren’t the cutest animal ever, but they had a majestic aura about them. They protected their young, which gave cause to think they had feelings and minds just like Kito did.

    “You can also feel the darkness can’t you,” Ralzea asked, pointing to the lone tree in the center of the field. Kito turned his gaze to the tree and then to his Master, nodding silently. “It feels different, wrong, to you, because all you’ve ever known is the light. You haven’t had cause to want the darkside.” As Ralzea spoke, Kito noticed movement by the tree. A pack of horranths moved from the open field the shade the tree provided. “Many times, you don’t even realize you’re turning to the darkside. It just seems like you’re normal, and everyone else is wrong. It’s a subtle change at first, but can quicken depending on what you do with it.”

    The horranths began laying about. Ralzea stayed silent for a few moments as Kito watched the creatures. The first sign of change was some of the horranths shaking their heads and scratching at the back of their heads with their hind legs. Kito watched them, intrigued, though he turned his gaze eventually to Ralzea.

    “Something’s wrong with them Master,” Kito said, not only being able to see it but feel it as well. Ralzea nodded, smiling at Kito.

    “Yes, good, you can sense the change,” Ralzea said. One of the horranths slowly got to its feet and began growling at another horranth that was lying next to it. Before Kito knew it, the two beasts were scratching and snapping at each other. It was a quick fight, and by the end one horranth lay dead. The victorious horranth didn’t stop there, though, and began picking off its own pack. Kito watched in awe as even the horranths that tried to flee were chased and eventually killed by what he could only assume was the alpha male.

    The alpha male sauntered back to the tree and plopped down in its original spot. Kito watched silently, and Ralzea stayed silent, letting Kito form his own opinions and learn on his own. The young Padawan still didn’t quite understand it all, though he understood that there was something wrong with the corrupted horranth.

    After what seemed like forever, the horranth lazily got to its feet and began looking around. Kito couldn’t quite see, but it seemed as if the beast’s eyes were darker, or rather the area around its eyes. The eyes themselves seemed to shine eerily. A shiver ran down Kito’s spine; it was enough that Kito audibly gasped.

    Ralzea put a hand on Kito’s shoulder to reassure him, though it only helped a little. The horranth charged toward the herd of uxibeasts. One by one it slaughtered its prey. It was common knowledge that predators hunt for food, but the corrupted horranth wasn’t eating at all. It wanted blood, and that’s all it wanted. Kito was subjected to a torrent of gut wrenching feelings from each innocent life the horranth slaughtered in its corrupt rage. A rage that Kito soon found building in himself toward the horranth.

    “You want to hurt the horranth for what it has done. This is what the darkside is Kito,” Ralzea said, turning Kito to him with his hands on Kito’s shoulders. “This is what you must resist to walk the path of light. No matter what the darkside brings, you must walk the path of light.” Kito nodded silently, taking several deep breaths and calming himself with the help of the Force. Repeating the Jedi Code over and over in his head until the rage subsided helped a lot. “Let’s go back to the temple, we’re done training for the day.”
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    The Trial

    “A lightsaber is the tool of Jedi. It is their weapon, their lifeline, and the very symbol of the Jedi Order,” Ralzea explained, holding his own, dark, thick hilt in his hand. He tossed it in the air a few times, making sure to spin it so that it landed in his hand a new way each time. “Each lightsaber is customized to its creator. Today, Kito, you will build your own lightsaber.”

    “Is my training complete, Master?” Kito asked, his voice quiet compared to the ambient sounds of the Tythonian jungle. He was fourteen now, and had matured much in his Jedi training, especially in the Shii-cho and Atari lightsaber forms, which interested him the most. Kito’s bright blue eyes shifted to his Master as they stepped out from the jungle and into a clearing that led to a cliff.

    “No, it is not, but know that what happens today will shape you for the rest of your life,” Ralzea said as he pointed to a structure ahead of them along the path. It was carved into the cliff side. “Go to the forge, young one. Create your lightsaber. I’ll be here waiting for you.”

    Kito nodded, knowing that his Master fully intended to monitor him with the Force. The young Padawan was more than okay with this. Kito began to walk forward, trying to calm his heart and mind along the way. He would need to concentrate to make his lightsaber, and he wouldn’t be able to do it effectively if he was worried or concerned.

    Within minutes Kito ascended the steps to the Forge and found the ancient furnace in front of him. It took him a moment to get into position, but Kito sat cross-legged in front of the furnace. With a deep breath, he cleared his mind and began to meditate. Slowly, the surroundings began to fade. Before too long, there was only Kito and an abyss in which he floated.

    The Force… whether light or dark is everywhere… Master Ralzea’s voice echoed in the abyss. Kito opened his bright blue eyes to find that he was no longer in an abyss, but rather in a field. Tall, thin spires rose up all around him, their darkness covered even more in shadow by the haze filled crimson sky. Kito stood up, looking around him. The ground was a black ash-like substance. A very… wrong feeling began creeping into Kito’s senses and his eyes darted around him to uncover the source, yet there was nothing except the terrain.

    The lightsaber is a testimate to a Jedi’s will, and a tool that only a Jedi who’s passed his or her own trials can wield…

    Ralzea’s words once again echoed around Kito. He looked around, trying to find the source, but simply could not. It took a moment to realize that Kito was standing within his own mind. A moment of panic hit him, but he quickly calmed himself and looked to the farthest spire that was taller than the rest. It was also the only spire to have a very normal light shining down upon it. To Kito it looked angelic compared to the rest of the environment.

    Lightning lanced and arced across the crimson sky, casting seemingly demonic shadows on everything with every flash. Kito felt naked without his training saber. He could still use the Force, but not having his first line of protection with him felt almost as wrong as the area around him.

    As Kito neared the tallest spire, he noticed that the light shining down on it wasn’t actually shining on the spire, but rather a lone, lush looking tree that stood in front of it. Underneath the tree were four people, two adults and two children that couldn’t have been more than ten years old. The children played and the adults watched and laughed. Kito could sense a contrast between them and the surroundings. It was like the day in the field with the horranth, except reversed. The entire area was inherently darkside, while this lone tree and the family underneath it were inherently filled with the lightside of the Force.

    A flash of lightning arced overhead, creating a flash, and for a moment Kito stopped and turned his gaze to the spire next to him. He thought he had seen something, but he couldn’t make out what it was in the darkness. Another lightning flash. Kito took a step back in horror, a hand covering his mouth and his eyes widening. The spires, which fronted a normal look of mounds of dirt, were actually piles of people. All sorts of species and races were in the piles. The flash was over, and darkness settled on the spire once again, hiding the bodies.

    There is no emotion, there is peace…

    Kito started reciting the Jedi Code in his head, trying to calm himself. He turned back to the family, keeping his eyes on them to better calm himself. A podium sat between Kito and the family, one that wasn’t there prior to Kito looking at the spire. Kito started sauntering it toward it, his entire body on edge and waiting for something to happen.

    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge…

    As he neared the podium, he found a very simple lightsaber hilt laying on it. Kito stared at the fairly simple design for a few moments. He reached out to touch it.

    There is no passion, there is serenity…

    The hilt felt cold to his touch. He grasped it and lifted it. It felt great in his hand. He was hesitant to ignite it, however. His thumb hovered over the ignition button.

    There is no chaos, there is harmony…

    Are you afraid, young one?

    The hissing-like voice caught Kito off guard and he jumped back from the podium, still keeping the lightsaber deactivated. The voice seemed to have echoed in the surroundings but in his head as well. His eyes darted to the family under the tree whom kept going on as if they didn’t hear it.

    Are you afraid of what color it might be?

    Kito looked down at the lightsaber hilt. It was true; a lightsaber found in such a dark infested area could come up to be red, and Kito knew that to be a color of the darkside. Kito averted his eyes from the hilt and began looking around for the source of the voice. A slight movement caught his eye, and he turned his gaze to the top of the tallest spire.

    To say the figure atop the spire was standing on it would have been wrong. The figure barely touched its toes to the top of the spire. A long, black, lower robe covered the figure’s legs, leaving the upper body bare. Scars covered the figure’s body. Instead of boots and gloves, the figure had wrapped cloth, the same kind that held its lower robe on its waist like a belt. Two lightsabers hung from that belt, the hilts warped and twisted into manifestations of what could only be the darkside. The most piercing thing about the figure, was the sandy-blonde hair that had grown just passed the figure’s shoulders, and the eyes. Though darkened around the edges and burning with a fiery gold, Kito recognized the eyes immediately. This figure was himself.

    You enjoy seeing peace…

    “Yes,” Kito replied, trying to sound as confident as he could. He couldn’t help the small crack in his voice as fear gripped at his throat. Where was Master Ralzea? Why wasn’t his Master helping him, or comforting him?

    How far?

    “What?” Kito asked, not understanding what this darker version of himself was saying. Kito took a step back, though out of anxiety, and inadvertently dropped into a stance where he could react within moments. It was a stance Master Ralzea had taught him, though he didn’t realize he was getting into it. The glories of training.

    How far are you willing to go to protect this peace?
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    The Trial (Cont)

    “As far I need to,” Kito said, reciting the Jedi Code over and over again in his mind to calm himself. It was working, and he was beginning to center his being. The figure chuckled, it’s hissing voice echoing throughout the realm that was Kito’s conscious. The corrupted one lifted its arms, motioning to the spires of what Kito now knew were corpses.

    Are you willing to cause this?

    Kito shook his head defiantly. “I will never cause anything like this!” he yelled, his determination finally finding him. He’s a Jedi! There’s no reason for him to be afraid of a darksiders like this! The light will always triumph. Almost as soon as Kito gathered the thought, the corrupted one hissed a chuckle.

    How do you expect to protect the innocent, young Padawan, if you aren’t willing to sacrifice lives to do so?

    “I’ll stay true to the Jedi Code, and defeat evil where it exists,” Kito said firmly. “Starting with you.” Kito pressed the ignition on the lightsaber and held the button down. A viridian blade sprung to life and hummed its glorious existence. The corrupted one chuckled, calling both of its lightsabers to its palms with the Force. Both lightsabers ignited into blood red blades.

    Today, Padawan, you will learn…

    .. or die.

    The corrupted one seemingly disappeared, leaving just a faint trail behind it. It charged, not at Kito, but at the family underneath the tree. Kito sprang into action without thinking. With the help of Force speed, he accelerated his sprint far beyond his normal speed. He reached the family just in time, who continued to move about as if Kito wasn’t practically standing on top of them. Why won’t they move? Don’t they know they’re in danger? No time to think; the corrupted one crashed down upon them, but instead of striking them, the two red lightsabers which had been swung in unison as one classed with Kito’s viridian blade. The power of the corrupted one was immense, and it broke through Kito’s defense, but Kito was at least able to deflect the blow away from the family.

    Wanting to get the fight away from the family, Kito gathered the Force quickly in his free left hand and threw it forward in a Force push. The blast was strong enough to send the corrupted one flying back for only a moment before it flipped and landed on its feet ten meters away. Kito stepped forward to put himself between the family and his darker self.

    How do you plan on defeating evil?

    A small, sinister smirk spread across the corrupted one’s lips. Again it charged forward, this time directly at Kito. Kito moved his lightsaber in the way of the oncoming attack, and when only one of the corrupted’s blades clashed with his own, knew that he was in trouble. The second blade came in for a low swing at Kito’s legs. Kito jumped, flipping over the corrupted one and landing on the opposite side of him. As soon as Kito landed, he spun and dropped to a crouch simultaneously in a quick and low slash of his own. The corrupted one turned its body, blocking the blow with one saber and thrusting the other at Kito. Kito spun, still in the crouch, bringing his lightsaber around for a strike in the opposite direction as the thrusting blade passed by to Kito’s left. The corrupted one blocked with its non-thrusting lightsaber by crossing its arm over its body and angling the blade downward.

    The two sparred like this for what seemed like hours, neither one landing any blows. There were narrow misses on both sides, but never so much as a grazing wound. Slowly, Kito began to notice crunching beneath his feet, and in a lull in the fight looked down to see what it was. The black, ash-like ground was littered with skeletons and remains of many species of the world. As the fight continued, more appeared.

    The longer you fight, Padawan…

    The corrupted one paused, looking around it with fiery golden eyes.

    The more you will have to kill to protect your precious peace. I will teach you what your Master never could…

    “You can teach me nothing, demon,” Kito muttered between panting for breaths. His muscles ached from extended use and there was no end in sight for the fight at the moment. The sounds of marching caught Kito’s attention, and the demon nodded toward the tree. Kito turned to look, seeing a formation of soldiers halt. The commander stepped in front of them.

    “Kill them all!” the commander yelled. The soldiers looked at one another, shaking their heads. Kito looked down beneath the tree to find yet even more people living peacefully. The commander couldn’t be serious; murder innocent, unarmed civilians? It seemed the soldier shared Kito’s sentiments. A blaster bolt punched through the visor of one of the soldiers shaking his head. The soldier was dead before his body even touched the ground. “Anyone not willing to do so will be shot immediately! Now follow my orders!” The soldiers looked at their fallen comrade, and hesitantly brought their weapons to bear on the people beneath the tree.

    “No!” Kito exclaimed, but he was too late. The bark of blaster rifles firing rang out across the ashen landscape. Kito watched in horror, unable to move or to even fathom what was happening. The people beneath the tree were being slaughtered, finally aware of what was happening but completely unprepared for it.

    Kito burst into action, leaping into the formation of soldiers and spinning in a complete circle with an outstretched blade. The soldiers that weren’t killed in the initial spin were subsequently cut down with fast and deliberate strokes. Even the commander fell, head rolling a meter from his body. Kito turned back to the tree of people, who were all but dead and becoming a part of the landscape itself.

    “What’s the point of this?” Kito asked, his eyes turning to the corrupted one who stared at Kito with a smirk. “Why?” The corrupted one pointed a lightsaber, not at Kito, but passed him toward where Kito had slain the soldiers.

    In order to defeat evil…

    Kito, suspicious of his evil self’s tricks, slowly turned to face the fallen soldiers. The bodies were still there, though their uniforms had changed to what Kito could only guess was their dress uniforms. Next to them were more people, though the extra people were kneeling and touching the bodies. They were mourning the soldiers? Kito’s eyes widened at the realization that he was looking at the families of the fallen soldiers. Soldiers he had slain.

    You must become evil…

    At first, Kito was speechless. Then everything clicked into place. All of the teachings his Master had given him and everything he had learned so far. Kito began to turn back toward the corrupted one, but was caught off guard when the corrupted one was standing right behind him. A crimson blade pierced Kito’s shoulder, only saving his heart by Kito moving. Kito screamed in agony as the burning sensation stayed.

    The corrupted one pulled the blade free from Kito’s flesh and let the boy fall to his knees. Tears flowed from Kito’s eyes. Did he come this far just to die to this monster? After realizing what he must do, he was going to die? No. That wasn’t an option Kito was willing to accept.

    Light and dark exist, side by side. I am your darkness. I am where your true power is. And now...

    The corrupted lifted a lightsaber in preparation.

    I will kill you here, and end the light in you.

    “No,” Kito said, under his breath. Along with the burning sensation in his left shoulder, Kito also had a burning sensation in his palm where the lightsaber touched it. The hilt was glowing. Kito thrust the viridian blade upwards as fast as he could in his current state. The blade pierced the abdomen of the corrupted one. For once, the fiery golden eyes of the demon widened and a look of shock marred the face Kito knew to be his own.

    As the life of his darkness faded, the life of his lightsaber gained strength and began morphing. The ignition button disappear, replaced with a connection that Kito could feel in the Force. The simplistic design was replaced by a fairly basic shape but intricate carvings on the hilt itself. A small, black chain grew from the pommel of the hilt, and the hilt itself turned black.

    “You are my darkness, and I accept you as part of me,” Kito said, standing as the hilt stopped glowing. “But you will never be me,” he added, pulling his blade from the demon’s flesh and swiftly severing its head.

    As soon as Kito’s darkness fell headless, a rift opened in the crimson sky. Within a second, there was a terrible tearing sound and the landscape itself was being sucked into the rift. A flash of light blinded Kito.

    When Kito opened his eyes he was back at the forge, holding the lightsaber that had morphed when he had killed his darkness. He stood up, his legs shaking slightly from spending so long in a trance. His stomach growled, indicating it had been at least several hours. Kito willed the Force to ignite the lightsaber, and a brilliant viridian beam hissed to life.

    “It’s about time, Kito,” Master Ralzea said, smiling. “Let’s get back to the temple, and you can tell me of your trials.”

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