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Joining the Sith Order

Discussion in 'The Sith Order' started by Nis, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Creating a Sith or joining the Sith Order
    Please read Rules and Guidlines on making Force Sensitive characters first.

    *Note you are free to make a darksider with no restrictions. This is just some information on how to join the Sith Order (a specific faction of darksiders).

    At present the Sith Order is hiding in Dromund Kaas as it has done since it's establishment almost 30 years ago (Read full story here). The Dark Lord of the Sith has cut all galactic travel in order to stop any Sith apprentices potentially escaping and spoiling their cover. Certain Sith Lords and Knights have been given permission to leave the planet in the past. There are two ways you can become a Sith of the Sith Order.

    1. Create a darksider and go to Dromund Kaas - The planet is still calling all those that have fallen to the darkside. (This is not felt in any meaningful way by those of the lightside)

    2. Create a Sith - You could have became a Sith 30 years ago when Lord Carnivous founded the order or you could have joined it 10, 20, 25 etc years later. You could even have been born on the planet.

    Any questions please private message myself, Mike or use the question and answer forum.
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