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Jedi Circle Iniation Training :: Coruscant

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Ridifu Omego, Aug 14, 2015.

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    Ridifu stood up from his chair in the Jedi council chambers. He indid his long, straight white hair from its loose bun on the back of his head. He did various fluid, movements by himself for minutes, something he picked up in his youth travels. It unlimbered his muscles and bones and brought him at peace and action without any inhibitions.

    Afterwards he hitched his sabers on to his belt, some won and some he had constructed on his own, and walked through the hallways into the big ominous room of training for Jedi pupils. He had reserved it, and set a time here today for the first hopeful who would come to seek to reconstruct the Order based on a foundation of ancient secrets and diverse talent.

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