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Open Roleplay He that can have patience can have what he will – Dromund Kass (Open to all Sith)

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Nis, Jun 21, 2015.

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    From the depths of hyperspace, the Silent Dagger flickers into view. Seated comfortably in the pilot's seat, Darth Decivus looks at the growing form of Dromund Kaas through his visor. He takes the ship down into the atmosphere, and finally entering the storming skies. He embraces the familiar presence of the Dark Side on this world; it held no promises of glory or power, no sweet sensations to lull the ambitious... No, the Force here... is purely a dark, evil presence. One he had felt his entire life, and one he embraced.

    The Silent Dagger flies down quietly to an open landing pad, and touches down. Decivus gets up from his seat and immediately heads to debark the ship, grabbing the small box containing the Dark Lord's requested holocron and tucking it under his left arm. Walking briskly, the young Darth exits his ship, closing the boarding ramp remotely, and heads for the temple within which the Dark Lord resides. The downpour, like before, never even reaches his skin thanks to his protective gear.

    A much younger Acolyte, not seeing Decivus approach, stands in the pathway; directly in Decivus' way. By the time the Acolyte turns and sees the Darth, he is already seven meters in the air, held up in the invisible grip of the Sith Lord. Irritably, Decivus flicks his wrist, and the Acolyte, crying out and flailing like a rag doll, flies through the air and crashes hard into the ground. Uninterested in the Acolyte, Decivus continues towards the temple as though nothing had happened at all. The Acolyte was lucky; he's in a good mood. Killing two Terantateks and discovering something of such incredible potential made him such.

    Other Acolytes, having seen or quickly heard about the incident outside, are quick to make way. This respect was a given, of course, but should not require an example to happen in the first place. Brushing the annoying thought aside, Darth Decivus heads for the last place he had seen the Dark Lord. He finds the room and enters. He takes notice, briefly, of the person speaking with the Dark Lord. Were it another Darth or a Lord speaking with an Acolyte, or whoever it was, Decivus would have pushed him aside to address his equal; but he dared not interrupt a discussion the Dark Lord himself was having. So, he waits.
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