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Informative Post General Faction Rules

Discussion in 'Rules and Guidelines' started by Mike, May 29, 2015.

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    The goal of this forum is to stream line what was once a rarely oiled machine. Somethings have become more complex and other have become simpler. Faction rules are going to be as simple as it can possibly get. Why, you might ask? The simplification of Factions means that someone doesn't have to balance fifty checkbooks in order to be a faction leader. Does being a faction leader come with responsibilities? Yes. Is it supposed to be a job? No. Also keep in mind, that as forums progress so do their rules, and these are subject to change as we develop as a community.

    Major Factions
    1. Credits are assumed.
      • There aren't too many times a major faction needs to use credits during an RP, but when they do, they'll draw from an "infinite" source. Like I said in the preface above, we're simplifying things.
    2. Reinforcements are as follows: 100,000 Basic Infantry, 25,000 Heavy Infantry, 5,000 Special Forces, 10,000 Main Battle Tanks, 20 Capital Ships, 50 Corvettes, 200 Starfighters, 100 Starbombers.
      • These numbers will stay static for ALL major factions, no matter how large or how small that faction becomes as long as the faction has at least one world to its name. Transports and any other vehicles/ships aside from what is listed are assumed. The goal is for these numbers to eventually be able to disappear and for common sense to be applied to all factions across the board when it comes to numbers and forces.
    3. Reinforcements will come bi-weekly.
      • The 1st and 15th of every month will be "pay day" for Major Factions. This is when you will receive the set numbers above.
    4. Major Factions are set by staff.
      • No one can claim that their private faction is a major faction until forum staff approval.
    Minor Factions
    1. Starting Members
      • In order to create a minor faction, you must have a total of 3 forum members willing to start the faction. If you do not have 3 total, no faction.
    2. Background
      • What kind of faction pops up out of no where? None. All minor factions MUST have a background. If it was decided to be made in the RP itself, just give an overview of the events and the people involved and how the decision was reached.
    3. Planets
      • Minor factions don't have the resources that major factions do. You'll be limited to one planet unless you can legitimately take control of more. Minor factions don't need a "home" planet though, they can exist in territory controlled by other factions, as long as they're ready to face the consequences.
    4. Reinforcements are as follows: 20,000 Basic Infantry, 5,000 Heavy Infantry, 1,000 Special Forces, 2,000 Main Battle Tanks, 5 Capital Ships, 20 Corvettes, 100 Starfighters, 50 Starbombers.
    5. Reinforcements are Bi-Weekly.
      • 1st and 15th of every month. If the faction is started in between the 1st and the 15th, then it will not receive any reinforcements for that bi-weekly period.
    Faction Battles

    Faction battles were once fought based on numbers and what faction the mods liked more. For this, common sense will obviously apply and for everything that needs to be decided by a third party, I will pass judgement based on certain factors of the battle. The battlefield is my heart, and if there's one thing that always captured my fancy, it was RP battles and what could be done with them. For this reason, battles will be kept as realistic as possible (or at least as much as you can get with Star Wars).

    1. The assets you bring with you are what you have.
      • You only brought a battalion to battle against three divisions? Good luck trooper. What you bring into a battle is what you have. Reinforcements are possible if the fight is extended*
    2. Control matters.
      • If you control the space around a planet, but are fighting on the surface, you can reinforce your troops on the ground from orbit. Keep in mind rule #1. If you didn't bring extra assets with you in the fleet, you'll have to relocate them from a different planet which takes TIME. If the battle is a one day affair, you won't be able to reinforce. If it's a drawn out campaign, then feel free to send reinforcements.
    3. Winning Battles
      • Just because you win one battle on one part of the planet, doesn't mean you control the planet. Battles will be dictated on the attacker and defender. If the defender throws all of their forces into the first battle and loses without retreating, then the planet belongs to the attacker. If the defender retreats and sets up dynamic defenses, then the attackers will have to campaign until they're all gone.
    4. Tactics
      • Tactics are important here, especially for judgement from me. A force that uses tactics against a force that doesn't will most likely get my vote. Tactics are important, not needed, but important.
    5. Posting
      • When a battle is initiated, the defender has a week to respond. During that week, it is imperative that both parties dictate what their schedules will be like. If possible by both parties, each side will have 24 hours (unless agreed upon a different time frame by BOTH parties) from the opposite party's post to reply AFTER the initial attack/defense posts.
    6. Participation
      • If you're character is participating in a battle, you are giving permission that your character can die by faction NPC's for the duration of that battle.
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