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Informative Post Force Abilities

Discussion in 'Rules and Guidelines' started by Mike, May 31, 2015.

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    For information on how to learn Force abilities please refer to this post.


    Please refer to this article.
    Force Power List and Explanations

    All canon Force powers can be learned. The only rules for Force powers apply to which powers can be self-taught through a holocron, and which powers need to be taught by a Master that knows the power. It should be noted, that if a Jedi were to use darkside powers (And vise versa), the Jedi would be pulled toward the Dark Side and eventually succumb to it. Be realistic and use common sense.

    For those that can't find where the core powers are in the article linked above, this is the section that explains it:

    Yoda using telekinesis to lift Luke Skywalker's X-wing.​

    The Core powers were the first powers a Jedi learned, and directly affected his own body or objects without actually harming or benefiting anything (except for Push, which could be used against enemies).​

    The most basic Force techniques, requiring mastery over self. Control was the first basic abilities to be learned by a Jedi.

    Force Sense
    The Force technique of Force Sense included all abilities enhancing perception of the world around a being.

    The most perceptive to the dark side, alter was the last technique taught to younglings. It included powers to create external phenomenon.

    In order to learn the following powers, you MUST be taught the powers by a Master. Any Force power that is not on this list can be self-taught via holocrons:

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