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Open Roleplay Dromund Kaas' orbit - A hard choice

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Divento, Jul 10, 2015.

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    Divento was sitting in his Outrider's cockpit,thinking about whether to return[​IMG] to Dromund Kaas.He got sick of pondering about this question that had been stuck in his head for 2 years.He grabbed the Outrider's controls and set course for Dromund Kaas.His mind was made up.A minute later,his partner Kai that he allways went on smuggling trips with came in and in a worringly fashion said'Woah,woah,woah.Why are we flying away?'Kai was a welt built and robust man,normaly the muscle of the jobs[​IMG] they went on.He was a Dathomirian Zabrak.He was quite agnorant,impatient and untrusting.'I'm going home,'replied Divento and he simply carried on flying.Kai continued asking him questions but he received no answer[​IMG].He eventualy went back to his quarters pondering what this could mean.

    When they got there Divento explained everything to him.Kai didn't beleive him and refused to land.He then said,
    'Even if it was true,what about all the credits[​IMG] you earned while you worked for the Hutts?When you smuggled?When you hunted bounties?'Divento had now started[​IMG] reconsidiring his choice,they sat there for about 2 days until later Kai went to Divento's quarters and said he wanted to speak.Divento came out,and simply said,'What?,what do you want?' - 'We are running very low on supplies and you need to make up your mind now.If you don't,I'm just gonna' ask the next freighter that comes along to stop let me hitch a ride.'Divento replied quickly[​IMG],'You know what,fine,this is probaly a bad decesion,because it's a rushed a one.We are going to Dromund Kaas.WE are not just me.'Kai muttered obligations and protests against this,but he eventualy agreed to come with him.They landed and got lost,and fast...


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