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Del Ordan

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    LAST NAME: Ordan

    SPECIES: Human

    HOMEWORLD: Mandalore (Now Nal Hutta)

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: Twenty-one.

    HEIGHT: Six foot, four inches.

    WEIGHT: One hundred seventy-eight pounds.

    FORCE SENSITIVE: Not force sensitive.

    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral.

    FACTION: The Hutt Cartel.

    RANK: Personal Bodyguard / Representative.




    PERSONALITY: Del is a young man who finds himself speaking of honor, yet displaying no action of such notions. He is a cold, lying man who fears for only his own safety. He believes he is the only one he can trust, even though others in his past have never done anything to betray his trust, he finds solace only in himself. With an iron will, he only finds himself in debt that he thinks he could never repay.

    LIKES: Weaponry, Armor, Fighting, Brawling, all fit into what he enjoys most. At the core, Del is nothing but a beast for battle, who runs in headfirst with both his powerful physique and sharp mind.

    DISLIKES: All which stands against fighting and the like. Weakness, Pacifists - they belong in the dirt beneath his foot.

    Primary Weapon -
    Weapon type: Blaster Rifle
    Shape: Rifle-like
    Size: Two-handed weapon
    Weight: 4.5kg
    -50 shots per power pack
    -Close range stun setting (50ft)
    -Autofire mode
    -5 power packs
    Range: 100-300m

    Side Arm -
    Weapon type: Blaster
    Size: One-handed weapon
    Weight: 1kg
    -100 shots per power pack
    -Close range stun setting (15ft)
    -2 power packs
    Range: 30-120m

    Additional -
    x5 Detonators (explosive grenades) 30ft blasts.
    x5 Flashbangs (blind and deafen status effects for 1 turn in combat) 40ft blasts

    APPEARANCE: Beneath the red and white Mandalorian armor is a young man in tip-top shape. With lean muscle and a build made to look like an athletic brute, Del is a fair-skinned man with green eyes and dark, chocolate brown hair that runs just above his ears. Without his amor on, which is rare, he looks gaunt, as though his skin has been slowly peeling away colour for years and years.

    Sector O-7, Planet Mandalore.

    This is the story of a boy.

    In the beginning, it starts with a mother and a father; in this case they did not die, in fact, they lived a hearty life filled with righteous battle and the love of the art. Only after the first few eleven years of this little boy's life did they miss him. He was loose sand between their fingers that they could never grasp again. After what happened, in the following years to come, he forgot their names; lost, forever, in the darkness of his fractured mind.

    Del Ordan is his name. That much he can remember. Ever since he was out with the others from his home and taken, he needed to hold onto something. Del Ordan. Del Ordan. Del Ordan. That was his name.

    The days were used efficiently for the younglings of the Mandalorian culture. It shined with the Mandalore's star high in the sky. It was optimal for having fun, to fight. Every week, the young ones from the city would rally together in an underground pit, where they would square off against each other with little to no consequence. Children of all races were thrown into a ring with the shirt off their backs, and their bare hands punching and grappling other children. With what little sunlight entered the arena, they glistened and roared like a flame of battle. Eventually a victor came, but Del Ordan was never one of those. Always fighting, always losing. He was humiliated every week but that never discouraged his determined heart - it pushed him to strive for more, to get better. He was always excited for the next fight, no matter how hard he would get beaten. It was a sickening obsession; fighting, losing, hoping to get better against those who he lost against.

    On the day where Del Ordan lost everything, he did not pit against another child of the fortified city, who's name he had already forgotten. This day he spent his time with a friend of his, but this friend wasn't important - what was important was the lush greens of tall trees, the sentience of old. Stories of the Mythosaurs that had been killed by the first - the Taung. Such stories excited the Mandalorian, and even invigorated him. It was a surge of excitement. During his treading, he and his friend held small knifes to their side, crafted from the native iron the land graced them with, ready to be drawn at any moment. For Del, he kept his tucked beneath the tunic-like shirt and belt of his trousers. He only used it should he wage battle against another, even if today was a day for sight-seeing. Today seemed beautiful and bright, like nothing could go wrong.

    "Wake up," Del heard. It was like sound was fuzzy and muffled, but then a ringing in his ears cleared that up, and he heard it again. "I said wake up!" The but of a staff smacked Del across his cheek, and his eyes fluttered open. Before he realized his hands and ankles were bound, he saw that same friend already fighting one of the others who looked like the man that hit him. His friend wrestled, while bound, the man who barked orders at him. One good hit at the side of his head, and his friend fell to the ground with the back end of a pole. His body dropped to the ground and everything stood still. The man who struck him knelt down inside of the steel box Del sat in, checking to see if the boy was alright. "He's dead," said the man. "Come on, then," spoke the one who hit Del. "Let's get going or you'll end up like your friend!" This was too much - Del couldn't win against any of the children in the arena fights, so how could he fight back against a man who could strike him once and kill him? A simple blow to the head and he was down! Fear ran like ice through his veins. Del Ordan was taken away to another place in the Galaxy, now tattered and worn out, fear-stricken, sad, and confused. He lost everything on the day he went sight-seeing.

    Del Ordan then became a slave. The young, thirteen year old boy was thrown into this unwillingly. Eventually, when no one bought him, the look in his eyes became almost lifeless, yet there still remained a glimmer of fire in them. Perhaps it was in his nature to look condemning, being a young man introduced to the forge of war. Again at an auction, the gaunt looking boy with a sullen face did not stare at the crowd - he looked down at the ground. A man tilted Del's face by the chin, allowing everyone to observe him. He looked sad and no one cared. A gurgling voice spoke in a different tongue that Del had never heard before. He knew nothing of what was transpiring, until the man who held up his face and gestured to a Hutt, crying out a new purchase that had been made. Del wanted nothing more than to dishonorably end his life, but he was too much a coward to do such a thing.

    Under the service of Supreme Mogul Jugar, Del Ordan faced his demons. No longer was he a boy from the planet of trained fighters and fierce people, he was a service to Jugar, who required youthful fighters to keep him safe from close encounters. Del was his shield and sword while he trained some Zabrak. Thrown into slave pit after slave pit, Del fought against many others. In one fight, he was so angry that he let out a blood curdling scream and ran towards his foe - a young Gamorrean who was thick and slow. He did not look scared. At first, when Del ran to him, he hauled up his arms just a little above his shoulders and bull rushed the alien, trying to grab onto his shirt. In retaliation, to what seemed like a shoving match, the Gamorrean pushed back and he pushed harder than Del could. Del was always one to lose his matches, though he never lost when he had burning hatred festering in the pit of his stomach. Shoving hard, Del took a firm step with his left foot. With his torso, he forced the Gamorrean's elbows to bend, giving Del the leverage he needed in his fit of rage. Pressing the right side of his body into the alien's left, his right leg swept up and around his foe's left leg. Hooking the back of their knees, he lifted up the other leg and shoved the other down onto the ground. As he fell, Del twisted so he could sit on top of the Gamorrean, giving him bated breath. The lifeless look in his eye was filled with life and he looked into the eyes of his fallen enemy. Reeling back his fist, one after the other, he rammed them down against the taut snout of this ugly creature, until the body had all of its sentience removed. He was a lifeless husk. After his barrage, Del stood up and looked up to those who viewed and roared for him. "My name is Del Ordan! Whoever you wish to throw at me, I will reduce them to nothing! They will be the dirt beneath my foot!"

    Jugar was proud of his sword and shield. He proved to be worth the efforts of finding a good slaver. Three years since his kidnapping, Del turned into one of the most fierce fighters of the slaves. A gaze like daggers and a tongue like acid, he was never short of an insult to those who were beneath him, unless it came to Jugar. All he knew was the feeling of battle - the loyalty forced by Jugar. This was his life; he embraced it.

    There came a time where Jugar's apprentice, the Zabrak, came into the scene, demonstrating his prowess and tactical genius. After many years of serving Supreme Mogul Jugar, Del Ordan had secured Mandalorian armor, which he wore proudly. He had forgotten what it was like to have a family. His mother, father, friends, comrades - all were forgotten, and the thrill of life-or-death fighting became his drug. He would fight anyone for Jugar's sake. Around the time he reached his twenty-first year of living, he was on deck, idling watching lasers being fired off at other ships. Reclining against one of the many consoles that decorated the room with bright lights, he was taken by surprise. The Mandalorian was caught in an explosion on deck, which landed him flipped over the console unit, and struggling to get up. "Jugar, are you all right?" Said the Zabrak. "Yes, Zabrak, I am fi--" were the Hutt's last words when Kor'Lok pulled the trigger. He had killed Supreme Mogul Jugar, and there was nothing he could do about it. Inside, a little piece of him died - that falsehood faded when he soon realized he was free from the Hutt Cartel. That was until the council of them appeared, and the Zabrak shot again. "This is your new Supreme Mogul, all ships focus fire power on their anti-fighter craft..." The Zabrak had become his new leader. The man Del would have to protect.




    KILLS: (List of those killed soon to come)

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