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Darth Carnivous

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Nis, Jun 13, 2015.

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    Darth Carnivous


    Alais: Darth Carnivous

    Birth Name: Kulzar Kattech

    Species: Chistori

    Homeworld: Socorro

    Gender: Male

    Age: ???

    Alignment: Darkside

    Faction: Sith Order

    Rank: Dark Lord

    Previous Master: Darth Corodian (Deceased)

    [---- Biography ----]
    This profile is a work in progress.

    Born on the planet Socorro, the chistori was given the name Kulzar Kattech at birth. He lived with a relatively small colony of chistori that had resided on the planet for hundreds of years. Like most chistori, Kulzar was baptized in war and battle from a young age, an environment in which he thrived in. They fought many battles, particularly against smugglers that had landed on their planet and claimed rich land for themselves. Rising through the ranks, Kulzar became known as a leader who lead from the front line, and his presence often caused enemies to retreat before blood could spill. Whilst Kulzar may have at times found himself isolated and alone, he couldn’t help but unite his people after constant battle success claiming back many of their ancient lands. Despite his success, there still grew a hunger within him that couldn’t be satisfied. Finding his attention always towards the stars, Kulzar eventually left his home planet to explore the galaxy seek greater adventures and a greater purpose.

    Not soon after the chistori had left his home world did he join a military organisation known as the IGM (Inter Galatica Milita). Starting out as a grunt he quickly passed through the ranks until reaching the title of General Kattech, a name he is much more widely known as by the galaxy. Through his time at the military the chistori developed and honed his war strategies and had to adapt and change his front line approach for more tactically sound strategies. With great success on the galactic battle field, General Kattech became known for his unconventional tactics, brilliant use of resources and also ruthless attacks that have since been described as genocide. Whilst at his peak of fame and success, Kulzar Kattech unexpectedly engaged in battle with a Sith Fleet. His ship was infiltrated by Darth Corodian who engaged Kulzar in battle. Defeating Kulzar in a combat, the Sith found signs that the chistori was indeed Force sensitive and had been using the Force to better his war efforts. Seeing potential in the defeated general, this battle would mark Kulzar’s first lesson in the Force as he agreed to leave the IGM and become a Sith apprentice. Kulzar Kattech was renamed Darth Carnivous by his master.

    It was the period of the Force Wars that most shaped Carnivous’ perceptions of the Force and the galaxy. The chistori found much of his training was on the battle field and despite his vast experience in battle, nothing could prepare him for the power of the Jedi. Despite many close calls, the chistori grew stronger and claimed many kills in the name of this war. Such new found power seemed to come at stage too late in the war, when the Sith already seemed to be on the back foot and retreating. His master too was defeated and killed at the hands of the Jedi but Carnivous was a slippery target and found a way to escape. Eventually the Force war came to an end with the final battle taking place on Korriban. Carnivous was amongst the surviving Sith who upon seeing the dark lord slain, managed to escape into the caves of Korriban and avoid detection before eventually escaping the red planet.

    Ten years later, Darth Carnivous felt a wave of dark energy in the Force drawing him to Dromund Kass. Sensing it was the right time and the right place, Carnvious drew upon the planets dark energies and called upon all the remaining Sith in the galaxy. Such an action attracted the largest number of darksiders together since their defeat on Korriban. Those Sith that arrived would either join the order and accept him as the Dark Lord or be slain. Some may be skeptical of the chistori’s authority and claim to leadership. With all the original Sith Lords either killed or gone awol ten years ago after their defeat on Korriban, some may wonder if Darth Carnivous is merely the strongest of an now very much weakened bunch. Perhaps such thinking is the truth, or perhaps it was just a matter of natural selection where only the strongest survived.

    [---- Personality----]


    [---- Appearance----]


    [---- Weapons/Equipment----]


    [---- Force Abilities----]

    Coming soon

    [---- Roleplays----]

    Early Negotiations

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