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Dap Nechel

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by TheGreyApprentice, Sep 23, 2015.

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    (I hope this meets with the requirements of the forum, I'm sure you'll let me know if it doesn't... It's an old character that I've never really gotten to use, and I hope he turns a head or two in a good way.)



    LAST NAME: Nechel

    SPECIES: Human

    HOMEWORLD: Coruscant

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 24

    HEIGHT: 175.26cm (5'9")

    WEIGHT: 72.12119kg (159lbs)


    ALIGNMENT: Light-side with strong grey leanings.

    FACTION: Ex-Jedi Padawan, Courier and Smuggler, Currently Unaligned

    RANK: Currently Unaligned

    Piloting (small starships, and by association starfighters)
    Small Starship Repair
    Droid Repair
    Trade (Smuggling)
    Personal-sized Blasters
    Dueling (Lightsaber)

    Force Speed
    Force Cloak
    Force Stealth
    Force Sight
    Force Empathy
    Force Jump
    Force Push/Pull

    His two untrained Force Powers:
    Force Healing
    Force Vision (But he's not had visions since he was a child and when he did they were weak and always gave him nightmares. He never learned to control them, they just seemed to go away.)

    Shii-Cho (Adept)
    Niman (Beginner)

    Usually quiet, easy going and hard to rile, but dangerous when riled. He has a hard time turning a blind eye to another's suffering and can be rash in the face of tyranny unless he has prepared himself beforehand. Sarcastic and playful on occassion. Sometimes plays practical jokes on people he's close to, who are very few.

    He likes little pleasures, the occassional drink, the successful job, good payoffs. He loves his ship, his treats his droid like a brother, and he loves his old master like a father.

    He despises the Sith and refuses to work with anyone he knows is affiliated with them. He also dislikes much of the criminal element he sometimes associates with, but he does what he has to in order to cover the surprisingly high expense of living on his own (post-Jedi Order) and owning a starship.

    Lightsaber (Disguised as a standard glowrod, dual-phase, short for tool-like use, standard for combat, purple crystal given to him by his old Jedi Master.) A blaster pistol on his hip, and a blaster rifle in his ship.

    He only reveals his lightsaber in the direst of circumstances, usually employing his blaster pistol in combat. If he is expecting heavy combat he pulls the blaster rifle from his ship's storage.

    Though born on Coruscant, he was quickly found out by the Jedi and taken for training, as such his appearance is dictated more by his Jedi Teacher (Reilo Drin) and the Outer Rim worlds they frequented during the Cartel Conflict where they masqueraded as father and son. His hair is dark brown with lighter streaks he added himself, just for the style of it, he usually keeps a neatly cropped moustache and chin dusting, giving him a slightly older appearance and a roguish look. He always wears the clothing of a man who lives on a tiny (dingy and somewhat rundown) ship; clean, but wrinkled and built for a practical purpose over fashion. No nonsense and bristling with cargo pockets. He always wears a tool belt with an assortment of common tools, pouches for other gear, and a glowrod (flashlight). He also wears a small blaster pistol for self-defense, rarely revealing the truth of the glowrod (it’s actually his disguised lightsaber). [Note: He’s normally alone and makes liberal use of his Force Sight ability when a glowrod would normally be needed.]

    (Apparently my entire post is over 15000 characters, so I have broken it up...)
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    Part 1

    Born to a poor family deep within Coruscant's lower levels, Dap was picked for Jedi training by the age of 3, when he began to have what appeared to be vivid nightmares, sometimes during an awakened state. Later, it was determined to be an awakening of latent Force talent, which was somehow missed by the normal testing made at his birth.

    Separation from his family was hard on him, though he would not remember it later in life, and his nightmares, which were actually the effects of uncontrolled Force Vision on his young mind, got worst until his eventual bonding with his Jedi caretaker, who was a gifted practitioner of Force Empathy. She, a human woman named Thera, took on care of him and help to quell the sometimes frequent visions and began his schooling in mundane knowledge as well as the Force, especially her own gift of Telepathy.
    She would continue this role for the next two years, effectively playing the role of a surrogate mother, until he was old enough to get about on his own. She would continue to follow his training, and tutor him for the next 5 years, helping him to control the intrusion of Force Visions when the situation required.

    At the age of 5 he was staying with the other children and began getting used to the constant scheduling and procession of classes by many teachers of differing species. By age 6 he was well on his way, a quick learner and very attentive despite being as yet unable to control his Force Visions completely. He began training of Shii-cho about this time, which he took to very well, soon sparring with his mates. He slowly learned to cope with the images brought to him by the Force and the images came less frequently as he grew older, and he notice that the more he focused on his studies the less often he had visions, by this time he knew they were Force visions, but he was far too young to attempt to interpret them, he often told of his visions to Thera, but as they became less bothersome, he ignored them, eventually they appeared to stop, and in his youthful mind he forgot them. As time went by, his control of the Force abilities Sense and Telepathy became stronger, and (with Thera’s tutelage) he quickly began to make great steps towards mastering them. By the age of 10 he was ready to become an apprentice.

    He continued his studies for nearly year before he was chosen by a Jedi Sentinel Reilo Drin. Reilo, more precisely a Jedi Investigator, spent much of his time in the Expansion and Outer Rim regions of Galaxy, and at this time was serving undercover in the Cartel Conflict, choosing to make his home at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Reilo felt that his primary mission was the safety of not only the citizens of the Republic, but of all worlds, and he often kept his eyes on other enemies of the Republic and the Jedi Order. Reilo, as a Sentinel, seldom wore the robes of a Jedi, instead preferring civilian wear; practical clothing that anyone in the Outer Rim would be seen in, such as cargo and utility clothing, with belts and pockets that could hide almost anything… including a lightsaber. While loyal to the Jedi Order, he felt that practicality was often more important than tradition, a paradigm that would bring him into conflict with the Jedi Council of Dantooine as well as the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Reilo had reviewed the file of this young Padawan closely and was impressed by the boy’s adeptness of Shii-cho, and knowing that the more subtle traits of Telepathy and Sense would be extremely helpful to the both his own mission, and the future of the boy.

    This experience would open Dap up to the world outside the training center and outside the Core Worlds. Dap studied well under Reilo, adopting his master's choice of clothing (with loose, but practical utility being chosen over the flowing robes common to the Jedi) and continuing his lightsaber training (Shii-cho, and beginning instruction of Niman), but Reilo insisted that he also practice the Jedi Healing arts, as well as continued instruction in Protection and Telekinetics. Reilo taught Dap very quickly that in the Outer Rim one must be prepare for anything. Though young by the typical standards of the Jedi Order, where it was common for a Padawan to build a lightsaber near the end of his apprenticeship, Dap had built his own lightsaber by the age of 14, using crystals given to him by Reilo, including a darkly-hued primary crystal and constructed a handle that to all respects looked like a standard glowrod with a three-position (off/on1/on2) switch to allow for a short blade of 20cm or the full blade of slightly over 1 meter. At Reilo's instructions, the lightsaber also included a power adjustor located near the emitter, as well a tiny sensor that picked up minute electromagnetic fields in contact with the metal of the hilt and acted as a dead man switch to disengage the blade if it was removed from the wielder's grip.
    The shock was apparent on Dap's face when he first engaged the blade and a violet light erupted from the emitter was a moment he, and Reilo, would never forget. The life of a Jedi Investigator on the Outer Rim was not an easy one, and they often took care to hide their nature from the ‘locals’ while performing their missions from the Council, as well as other 'missions' that always seemed to crop up when Reilo felt obligated to right what he felt was a wrong. Cartel soldiers and Sith sympathizers were hardly the only danger, the fringe element was everywhere from slavers to crime lords preying on the people. Living among and dealing with the criminal element on the Outer Rim would have far reaching effects on the Padawan, where even the most hardened cases were hardly a matter of black or white and there would always be shades of grey.

    For any Jedi skilled in the arts of the Force, especially Force Empathy, compassion becomes a driving force. The wish to alleviate the suffering of others can become paramount to such as Jedi's personal goals. Compassion can be a dangerous virtue, one that often becomes a vice in the environment of the Outer Rim. Worlds damaged in recent conflicts would leave a lasting impression on the young Padawan, as he and Reilo would sometimes visit them to assist in some small way in the rebuilding of those worlds. Dap always suspected that Reilo was from one of these worlds, but he has yet to learn his master's homeworld. As witness to the enduring devastation of some worlds, Dap vowed to stand against any injustice he came across, a vowed that was quickly rebuked by Reilo as dangerous, explaining it as a vow that could easily cloud a mind to the dark side of the force under a veil of good intentions. Reilo would watch him closely over the next few years, as their missions became more dangerous and his Padawan grew older and stronger, and he witnessed the changes that began to take over this boy who was like a son.

    In time, Reilo noted the boy's compassion slowly being usurped by a mild cynicism. Dap's principles, the intent, was still there, but the method had changed, Dap began to use the Force to manipulate others even when such manipulation was not the best way to serve their intent. Reilo quickly took steps to correct his Padawan, but it seemed to be of no avail, as Dap began to use the Force to meet not only their mission goals, but his own ends, again and again Reilo would address his Padawan's shortcomings, and he felt Dap's growing frustration. Reilo understood Dap's want to help the people he could, but it did not justify Dap's uses of the Force. Eventually it got to the point that, during their visits to various worlds, Dap would go off alone and return long after he was expected to, to what purposes Reilo did not know. Then on a visit to Ord Mantell, Reilo followed him to a local casino and watched as he sat at a table of gamblers who had no knowledge of his connection to the Force. Dap proceeded to play, but it wasn’t long before he began to win far more than natural odds should permit, Reilo realized that he was using the Force to cheat.

    Reilo remain out of Dap’s awareness for the course of the night, not wishing to reveal the boy and risk trouble with the authorities or the people he cheated, he followed Dap out of the casino and watched as Dap would give away most of the earnings as he walked though the town. It was a noble gesture, perhaps, but to Reilo's knowledge of the Force it was not an end justified by the means. He chose to return to their ship and wait to confront his wayward apprentice there. Reilo began trying to reason with his Padawan, but Dap was angry to have been followed and demanded to know why he shouldn’t have cheated? Wouldn’t they have cheated him given a chance? Besides, he only kept what was needed and gave the rest away, there was always someone in need, so why not cheat those with wealth and help those in need? Reilo sternly reminded him that he was expected to hold himself to higher morals than common beings and as a wielder of the Force is was his duty to wield it properly. Dap's use of the force to manipulate not only games of chance, but the free-will of beings he felt were wrong had to stop, it was not his place to choose their paths for them, no matter how much their choices may hurt themselves and others. Dap demanded to know why? Some of them clearly did not have the good sense to choose wisely, so why not use the Force to set them right?

    Reilo finally backed down when Dap threatened to leave the ship, he stopped the Padawan and soothed over the argument, asking him to wait, to calm down and cool off, but Dap simmered after their discussion, he had convinced himself, why not use the Force as it was meant to be used? It is a means to an end and if the end is good, relatively, then why aren't the means justified? His reasoning eventually led him to question the Jedi Order and he wondered what made the Jedi right anyway? He was never asked for his consent to become a Jedi; he was taken as a child and raised as one of their number. He felt that he knew what made the Sith wrong... No… he decided that he’d have to find his own way.
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    Part 2

    Enroute to their home at the Enclave on Dantooine he expressed his feelings to Reilo, who offered to take him to the Jedi Masters on Coruscant. Dap was not anxious to go, but agreed when Reilo promised to remain there until Dap decided what to do next. In the end, after some time with the Jedi Council and reunions with some of his early instructors, most notably Thera, the Council would prove to be no more successful than Reilo. Some members of the Council who were more familiar with Reilo seemed to insinuate strongly that Reilo, having trained Dap not as a Jedi should be, (which to Dap's mind meant 'cloistered',) but away from the ordered life of the training center on Dantooine, was responsible for Dap’s failure to understand the Jedi Code more fully. They sat Dap before the entire Council and after final deliberations agreed to remove him from the Jedi in accordance with his own wishes, ordering him to relinquish his lightsaber into Reilo's keeping. Dap complied and walked from the Council Chambers without another word to anyone, including Reilo, returning to his temporary quarters in the Temple. Unknown to Dap, Reilo would spend some time in continued deliberations with the Council, in defense of both his own methods, and the perhaps flawed 'wisdom' of his Padawan, reminding the Council that those who strongly empathize with the downtrodden often act without thinking clearly, and that such a path was a difficult one to depart from.

    As Dap was gathering his things from Reilo’s freighter (contrary to tradition, Reilo never liked traveling in Republic-issued vessels,) his master appeared to block the entry way, offering condolences and urging him again that it wasn’t too late to reconsider. Dap reaffirmed his decision and expressed his wish to travel the Galaxy perhaps to meet with other Force traditions despite having little knowledge of other traditions. Reilo expressed his sorrow and embraced the boy he’d raised and trained for 10 years, after the embrace, he reached into his jacket and returned the surrendered lightsaber, wishing him luck, and giving him final warning against the seductive means of the Dark Side, especially how easily good intentions can lead one to the Dark Side, "Remember, Dap, our histories are filled with Jedi who slowly lost themselves to the Dark Side, all the while convinced of the righteousness of their actions. As a Padawan of the Dantooine Enclave, you know these stories well."

    It is strange how that tales, long forgotten, often remain buried until the moment it is most needed to bring about balance. Dap bid farewell to his master and began to spend time around Coruscant, he continued to use the Force to help support himself, but seldom openly. He stopped using persuasion in most cases, but spent more and more time honing his empathy ability, always careful to use the Force in as unobtrusive a manner as possible when dealing with other beings. He continued to gamble, but found that he needed to use the Force less and less as he gained the skills to learn the tells of his fellow gamblers, and if he perceived a table to be honest, he played as honestly as he could; sometimes it was hard to ignore the Force. It made him good money, and he found that without the resources of the Order he couldn't simply give away as much as he used to. He found that it often frustrated him to have needs that conflicted with his wants, but he always managed to have a few credits to spare for a needy stranger.

    Within four months after he left the Temple he felt he'd finally saved enough credits to begin travelling on the public transit system. He spent the next few months taking public transports from planet to planet within the Core, always staying in the starports, spending time in local bars and restaurants, making some money with games of chance, keeping out of trouble and generally wandering without a real goal in mind. First, he traveled from Coruscant to Chandrila, where he remained for a few months, often visiting the Jedi Temple at the tomb of the Unknown Jedi Master, to converse with individual Jedi there on their opinions on the nature and uses of the Force. His most important contact at this time was a female Twi'lek named Ni Madira, a Counselor who was a Padawan alongside Reilo Drin. Ni Madira's time spent with Reilo in their youth provided her with an insight to Reilo's personality and beliefs in the force that he may not have made known to Dap, though in truth, she remained closed-lipped about much Dap felt she could have told him.

    After that, he traveled to Alderaan, where he enjoyed the knowledge of the University of Aldera. He gained permission to visit its library, and spent this time reading datacards of history and philosophy. However, since the Alderaanians placed more emphasis on aesthetic learning over Jedi or martial pursuits, he choose not to remain there long, departing after only a couple of months.

    From Alderaan he found passage to Corellia, a stop he enjoyed very much while he stayed for a while in Kor Vella, a veritable tourist trap, again using his talent to help acquire, through gambling, the funds he needed to continue his travels. He found time to visit the CEC shipyards in orbit there on a tour, which didn't go into as much detail as he's hoped. He spent a good deal of time in spacer bars all over the city, and soon found employment in a small local transport and repair bay located in the outskirts of Kor Vella operated by a Corellian named Klyn Alda and his Duros partner Izrin.

    Dap learned much about starship design and operation, especially those of the CEC. He already knew much about small ship operation and piloting thanks to his time on Reilo Drin's personal freighter, but understanding the 'why' things work is a key to mastering those workings. He remained on Corellia for a little over two years, working with Klyn and Izrin as a minor mechanic and part-time pilot of the company ship, making pick-ups all over the system. Over this period he revealed to them his Force Sensitivity and made use of it for the benefit of the small company. Over the course of his time with Klyn and Izrin, they invited him to join them in their 'special' ventures; receiving goods 'on the cheap' through contacts within the CEC and conducting 'quiet' modifications on the occasional ship. While not legal by the standards of the Republic, Dap Nechel did not see such actions as inherently right or wrong, and joined them. It was at this time he received his own Republic Pilot's License, as well as a minor Accreditation of Starship Repair (Small Vessels.)

    On a trip to Abregado-Rae on one of their next deliveries, he found himself in a hotly contested game of chance… (see RP Example)

    After this, he opted to leave Klyn and Izrin's company and he's spent the last few weeks keeping a low profile and making his ship space worthy, using funds gained during his time with Klyn and Izrin as well as gambling, but soon he'll have to leave the planet before the previous 'owner' of his new ship found him.
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    The Forlorn Hope, an "after-market improved" junk hauler. The only major improvements to the ship are an improved hyperdrive (Class 3), a starfighter-grade shield generator and a single laser cannon in a top-mounted turret controlled from a gunner's seat in the cockpit. These modifications were made before Dap acquired the ship, but he had to replace the laser cannon. (See below for more specific ship details.)

    PETS: None

    Emtree (S-M3), an old security droid, found and refurbished by Dap in a junkyard while traveling with Klyn Alda and Izrin (more on them in his history). Emtree retains his combat programming and is a good shot with a blaster rifle. Emtree can also perform basic self-repairs as long as it has at least one arm and has some basic piloting and starship gunnery programming added by Dap. Emtree identifies as a male.

    None yet, hopefully never.

    (Sample? This is also part of his recent history.)

    It had been a simple game until now; Dap looked across the 5,000 credit pot on the table at the bloated Twi’lek who called himself Argath. He was apparently a regular here, something that Dap certainly wasn’t and the crowd slowly gathered around them and the three other gamblers at their table. Dap has spent the last galactic standard hour pretending to drink shots of a hot, spicy liquor (which he actually spat into one of three bottles beer of random remaining volumes) and learning everyone’s tells the old fashioned, way, the way of the talented gambler he really was.

    To the two humans on his right it was easy, one tapped the table for a card on a good hand, and asked for a card on a bad one… no wonder his creds were mostly depleted, that man needed another hobby, but he was apparently rich and it was ‘daddy money’. The other human, a woman, surprisingly, was keeping herself well, but little twirls of her fiery hair and chewing little strands gave her away. The third player was a Duros, mercifully, at least it wasn’t the Bothan he saw at the table earlier… the more human-like face and lack of body hair helped him uncover the fact that the Duros’ skin flushed ever so slightly when he had a good hand.

    Ok, those three were easy, but Argath was another story entirely… he was big for a Twi’lek, and he seemed to enjoy staring his opponents down, forcing them to meet his eyes or look away, the only thing Dap could easily discern was that the Twi’lek hunched over the cards when he dealt. The Twi’lek apparently had an immediate dislike for anyone willing to meet his eyes and he made it his personal mission to bully them into making a mistake. Fortunately Dap wasn’t intimidated-

    “Make your choice, human, you’re keeping me from my creds… and I HATE waiting!” He was practically being screamed at, but only in tone, even Argath didn’t want to draw anymore crowd than they had. Dap sighed soft and fingered his cards, shifting from one to another before looking at the others, before dropping a card. He discarded and received a new one without a word, and then he slid a stack of chips into the pile.

    “I raise another thousand,” he barely hid a smile as the Duros and the human woman threw down their cards, the man to his right matched. With the Duros folding, next in line was Argath, who snarled baring his sharpened teeth, then he discarded and drew two cards, his eyes narrowed and his snarl turned into a growl, “I call, and raise you two thousand.”

    “Uh, I’m out…” the man to Dap’s right dropped his cards; he probably didn’t have three thousand remaining anyway, “Just not my night…” He gathered his remaining chips and departed the table, leaving the four remaining players. Dap suppressed a smirk. Not your night? Not your game, brother, go find another way to waste your inheritance. Or just try giving it away; it’s easier and more satisfying.

    Dap studied the Twi’lek for a moment, he felt in his gut that the big guy was bluffing and trying to bully him like he was doing the Duros and the Bothan before him. He looked at his cards and took just long enough to see the annoyance on the Twi’lek’s face before he grinned confidently and matched the bet. “I call.”

    The Twi’lek growled and slammed his cards down hard, 2 fives and 2 Sith Apprentices. “HA!” He started to reach for the pile when he looked up and frowned when he saw the young human smiling at him and shaking his head, Argath snarled, “Show your cards, dung eater.”

    Dap tossed his cards across the table, three Sith Lords. “I think this hand is mine.” He reached across the table and gathered his chips with his eyes on Argath, watching the Twi’lek’s eyes boiling, and half expecting the bloated bastard to lunge across the table… but with this many onlookers, even he wasn’t that dumb. “I guess I got lucky, huh? I think I’m out.” He looked at the amount of chips left to Argath and felt satisfied with the amount the bully lost.

    “One more hand!” Argath snarled menacingly, standing deliberately slow to a little more kick, he was perhaps, an accomplished bully, when dealing with the locals, but Dap narrowed his eyes and stared back, then glanced to Argath’s diminishing pile of credits.

    “You don’t have but a couple of thousand left, why should I bother?” He had not counted, but he knew from the stakes that he had at gained at least 7,000 that last hand, 4,000 from their initial bets, and 2 more from Argath with 1 from the idiot… and he was hurting for credits before that himself.

    “I…” Argath snarled, and then reached into a pocket to pull out two ident cards, one he tossed onto the table. “I have this, got it three days ago, the previous owner and I had unfinished business. He won’t need it anymore.” Argath’s grin this time was full and even less friendly than before. “I haven’t even bothered to board it yet.”

    Dap felt that nasty taste in his mouth when he dealt with such people… he could feel fear ripple in the people who knew Argath better than he did… but this was a chance for his own ship… he felt a pang of sympathy for the being who’d last sight was this grotesque Twi’lek and whatever goons he was able to dig up… but he had a chance to take the ship and put it to better use than this Twi’lek obviously has planned. He sat and made a gesture with his hand, motioning for the Twi’lek to sit.
    “Make your bet, Tentacle Head.”

    “My ship for everything in your hands, all or nothing, one draw, straight.” Argath’s grin returned with a vengeance, Dap immediately grimaced, it was up to Force now… then he smiled ever so slightly. Time to make my own luck on this bastard…
    Argath shuffled and hunched over as he dealt the cards, Dap acted immediately, he looked at two observers and spoke in low but urgent tone, “Did you see that!? He bottom-dealt!” Argath looked up with a snarl and started protested immediately, but before he could get a word out one of the two observers started, “Yeah, I saw it! HE CHEATED!” Argath stood with a roar and smashed the speaker in the face, throwing him back into the crowd, he then turned to Dap and threw over the table as Dap scrambled back over his chair, almost tripping when a stun baton swung by him and smashed into Argath’s face, breaking his nose and delivering a strong jolt and he hit the ground with like a rubber sack of water, nearly rolling over Dap’s legs.

    Dap was grabbed almost immediately by what amount for security in this place, he was amazed, but looking at who he was playing with it should not have surprise him that security was hidden in the crowd. A voice near him called out, “Everyone away from the table and not a chip better be missing! Where’s that access card?”

    Half an hour later the crowd was dispersed, Argath was transported to the local lock-up and Dap’s winnings were sitting to the side of him and the local security chief, pending investigation. Of the two observers, there was no sign one disappeared in the crowd, the injured one was gone, transported for his injuries when the crowd scattered. The head of security was looking him in the eyes, a bad move, as Dap reaffirmed, “Yes, sir, I witnessed him bottom-deal. You believe me.” The last was most certainly not a question.

    “I believe you, take you winnings and go.” The security chief waved him off, but Dap paused to drop a 500cr chip on the table.
    “Do, me a favor, Chief, see to it that guy with the broken nose gets that; he’ll need it for the bacta bath. I got a ship to claim…”

    Dap smiled to himself as he stepped into the street and headed off in search of his new ship, he wondered if he should feel sorry for the guy that got trampled a bit… then mentally shrugged and reflected he got off easy, especially after picking the rich guy’s pocket of his account chip, not to mention the others he pilfered with his accomplice, who made off with the goods as the crowd dispersed... it was a good night, he gained a good 7,ooocr and a ship, probably a junker, but a ship nonetheless, he groaned when he realized he was probably going to lose half his winnings getting the ship transferred to his control "legally"… oh well.
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    Official Name: Forlorn Hope (An unfortunate inside joke of the previous owner.)
    Faction/Affiliation: Privately-Owned Freighter
    Classification: 578-R Space Transport/Junk Hauler (modified/improved from stock)

    Registered Ship Use: Junk Hauler (official)
    Port of Call: Capital City, Abregado-rae(official)
    Years Registered (under current name): 2 Galactic Standard Years
    Republic Transponder Code Profile:
    Current Owner: Dap Nechel, Lower Quarter, Coruscant
    Current Crew:
    Dap Nechel, Captain

    Height: ~10.5m (11.4yds)
    Width: ~19.5m (21.3yds)
    Length: 31.5m (34.4yds)
    Manufacturer: Amalgamated Hyperdyne

    Energy Source: Standard
    Engine Unit: CEC StarLine 34-R Engine x2
    Speed: ~800/kph
    Hyper drive: Starscream VF-3 Hyperdrive
    Rating: Class 3
    Crew Necessity: 1 Minimum (But 2 makes it easier.)
    Armor/hull: 5cm Plasteel
    Shields: Light Ray/Particle Shielding
    Armament: Single Turret-Mounted Starfighter-grade Laser Cannon (Can be controlled from the cockpit from a gunner position or locked in the forward position for use by the pilot.)

    Passenger Capacity: 10 (This includes the crew.)
    Cargo Capacity: 40t (44.09 tons)
    Consumables: 4 standard galactic months (Apparently due to slowness/unreliability of the ship's original hyperdrives at the time of this design. But no one really knows why.)
    Other: One standard Servo-Loader in the cargo bay. (Functional, but covered in dust, as the crew usually relies on planet-side labor to on and offload.)

    Description/role: (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/578-R_space_transport)
    This particular ship has had a hell of a good run. According to the automatic ship’s mechanic-historical logs (a rarely used, and often discarded, piece of software that logs changes made to a ship post-stock) this ship had very few of the problems that plagued its sister-ships. Strangely, no one really knows why such a small ship primarily designed as a junk transport was fitted with a hyperdrive at all; bulk transports could carry far more far easier to junk planets such as Raxus Prime. (According to some sources Raxus Prime was long a junk planet as well as an industrial center, I assume that the planet is a sort of really big and dingy backwater recycling center.) The next mystery of the design is why it would was able to not only support, but carry enough consumables to feed 10 passengers and crew for a period of 4 months.
    Aside from the problems plaguing the design, the ship is Corellian-made, and that means simplicity. Easy to repair and easy to modify to specific needs, this ship has had its share. Previously used for both legal and illegal means, this 578-R has a few secrets even its current owner doesn’t yet know about. Its previous owner lost the ship on Abregado-rae to a young human with an extraordinary talent for gambling, who promptly set about getting the hell off-world...
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