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Creating a Character (Profile Guide)

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Mike, May 29, 2015.

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    Profile Guide

    You are required to create a profile for your character if:
    • This is your first time ever roleplaying
    • Your character uses the Force (including all Force abilities and how they acquired them.)
    • Your character possesses weaponry/armor that isn't stated when joining posts.

    Creating a character is the basis of any sort of creative writing, whether it be writing a novel or roleplaying. You are creating a life that lives within a universe so that you can then live vicariously through that life in that universe. A profile can be as descriptive as you want it to, but it's better for you (and everyone else) if you make it as detailed as possible. Keep that in mind when creating a character. You may leave gaps in a story because it's easier to not think about, but then have to provide content for that gaps on the fly in an actual RP. Then you'll have to remember what you just made up on the fly! Ultimately though, it's up to you. This is a guideline and a set of rules for creating a character.

    Here is a template for profiles. If you aren't very good at profiles, just fill out all the fields. If you like to get creative and make your profiles super interesting, go ahead and add or take away what you want, including the format. The main idea is for you and everyone to get an idea of your character. Whether you do that through creative writing or filling out bullets is up to you. Note, that generally you don't have to write a profile before RPing, but we high recommend it.

    [b]FIRST NAME:[/b]
    [b]LAST NAME:[/b]
    [b]ALIGNMENT:[/b] (Good, Evil, Somewhere in the middle?)
    [b]FACTION:[/b](Are they aligned to any faction?)
    [b]RANK:[/b] (If they are aligned to any faction, what is their rank? [Must be approved by faction leader])
    [b]FORCE POWERS:[/B]

    Pre-Trained Characters

    You are allowed to create characters that are pre-trained in the Force. You're limited, however, to anything up to the power of a low-level Knight. A profile IS NECESSARY to roleplay as a pre-trained character. The profile must first be accepted by staff before anything can be done with the character. This is to keep things fair across the board. Otherwise someone could make a bunch of pre-trained characters to keep joining the same fight. Also note: Pre-trained characters will require a particularly detailed profile. Try to keep things realistic and use common sense.

    Pre-trained characters can start out with all Core Force powers and 2 level-one Force Powers of their choosing. It will be expected that in your background, you explain how learned these powers and, if you're a Knight, what your trials were and how you passed them.

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