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Open Roleplay Coruscant - The Classics Were Better

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Mike, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Chancellor Orlata. It was a hell of a thing to get used to the title. Vance took a sip of the brown Tarisian ale in the crystal cup in his right hand. Before him, a spectacle of theater was being performed. He took another quick sip from the ale, finishing the cup. As if on que, a green astromech droid wheeled its way to the Chancellor. The droid had been outfitted with waiter equipment, including a tray to place finished drinks and plates sticking from the top of his chasis. Vance placed the crystal cup down on the tray and waved the droid his thanks as it turned and sped away.

    Bah, Vance thought. He hated the new age music spewing from the speakers around the auditorium. More and more masters of the theater were switching to the new age music that sounded like it should be played only in a circus. It was a ploy to get the younger generation to start going to the theater, and it was working. Between the music and the lights moving like smoke in the center of the auditorium, it seemed more like a large party rather than a theatrical show.

    Within moments, another astromech droid outfitted with a tray came with yet another crystal glass of Tarisian ale. Vance took it and immediately stole a sip from it. The droid wheeled itself away. The Chancellor kept his right hand occupied with the drink, while his left rubbed the knob at the top of his cane. He didn’t even need the cane to walk, but it was to make people under estimate him. Inside the cane a vibroblade was hidden, one that he knew had to use almost as much as the hidden holdout blaster in the back of his belt.

    Vance was starting to believe that he needed to find a new hobby in his off time. He could no longer stand the theater and what it was becoming. He desperately wished for some company to take his mind off of the terrible display before him. There was a small chance of that happening when you were the Chancellor and practically forced to sit in the Senate and Jedi only booth of the auditorium. There was still a chance however, and as Vance sipped the Tarisian ale lightly and watched the show, he silently hoped.

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