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Open Roleplay Coruscant - News of Taris

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Mike, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Chancellor Orlata was sitting at his desk. In his right hand, a crystal cup of Tarisian ale was held by his finger tips. In his left hand, a datapad with documents on it depicting economic improvements across the board for the Republic. When Vance came into office, the Senate simmered down. Almost no senatorial actions were being taken anywhere, leaving the Chancellor to decide what was best for the Republic on his own. Economic improvements meant he was doing something right. He sighed with relief.

    His relief however, was short lived. His secretary, a young Twi'lek with deep blue skin and curves in all the right places practically ran into his office. Her normally happy expression was replaced by one of sheer terror. "T-Taris has been attacked, Chancellor," she said, running all the way up to Vance's desk and handing a datapad with the Tarisian long range transmission on it.

    Vance looked up at the secretary silently for a moment, before looking down at the datapad. Images showed huge signs of battle around Taris. There was an audio file attached. Vance opened it and laid the datapad flat on the desk.

    [Static]... this is Ser[Static]... of the Tarisian Security [Static]... We are under attack by the Mandalo[Static]... We can't stop them...[Static]

    Vance placed the Tarisian ale down on the desk and lifted his hands to cup his face. He took several deep breaths as he covered his face. Mandalorians invading Taris? For what reason? What were the Mandalorian motives? He shook his head, dropping his hands. It was if he had undergone a transformation. Before he was old yet content, but bags and almost instantly formed under his eyes and his face became sunken. He was tired of war, but there was no way he could not take the invasion of Taris as a threat to the Republic.

    "Schedule a Senate meeting for tomorrow," he said. The secretary nodded and ran out of the office, the door sliding shut behind her. Vance's eyes turned to a picture of his deceased wife that sat on his desk. He would give peace a chance, but he could not idly sit back and not prepare for war. The dark and sad truth, was that Taris would burn regardless of what the Senate decided. By the time the Republic would be ready, the Mandalorians would have moved on to other conquests.
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