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Open Roleplay Coruscant Jedi Temple - Five Years Gone

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Lancer, Jul 29, 2015.

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    Five years. Had it really only been that long?

    Faze could scarcely believe it, but he had tracked every single day he had been stuck on the Korriban watch station, and it had been only slightly more than five years. With each day feeling like more than the standard 24 hours, it was no wonder it felt like so much more...but that was done, at least for him. Poor Ashaya was still trapped there, but he was here now and ready to take this place by storm. As long as he could actually find it.

    He had had a little bit of a difficult time finding his way to his destination, though that probably had something to do with the fact that he wasn’t exactly in a hurry to get there. After parking his starfighter in the public area, Faze found himself wandering along the streets of Coruscant, taking in the sights and sounds of the capital planet. After the quiet darkness of the Korriban watch station, the vibrant activity on the city planet was delightfully jarring.

    It wasn’t Corellia, but damn, it felt good to be in a big city again.

    Normally the thought of having to meet with the higher-ups in the Jedi Order would have soured his mood, but nothing could dampen his spirits right now. Not with the bristling, fierce, somewhat prickly life surrounding him. As much as the Jedi said they revered life, they were never all that good at actually living it, but there could be no question that many of Coruscant’s inhabitants were. He couldn’t wait to get out there and mingle with them, play some sabacc at the bars and maybe knock some heads in the criminal underworld. For now, however, he had his job to do.

    Faze’s meandering through the city eventually brought him to his destination: the Jedi Temple. He snorted as he looked up at the towering building; for all their talk of giving up worldly possessions and riches, the Jedi sure weren’t shy about having one of the more opulent homes on the planet. Too bad they couldn’t have spared an inch of this splendor for the exiles on the Korriban watch station—maybe then it would have been at least bearable…though Faze knew that he and Ashaya and others like them still would have been itching for some action.

    Faze’s instructions had not been specific—all he was told was that he was being recalled to active duty and should report to Coruscant. He was assuming that meant that he should check in with the Grand Master or some other higher-up, which was not exactly his idea of a good time. Still, if he didn’t want to be shipped back to Korriban, he would need to be on his best behavior. For once, Faze was dressed in the traditional Jedi robes, complete with lightsaber hanging from his belt; the attire never really felt like it suited him, as he preferred his more pragmatic jumpsuit to the wispy flowing robes, but he should at least look the part on his first day back. With his closely-cropped hair and clean-shaven face, the big man was still not exactly the picture of the model Jedi, but the concessions had to stop somewhere. He doubted the Jedi higher-ups would hold it against him, especially with the dangerous climate right now—they’d need all the Jedi they could get if the situation with the Mandalorians heated up.

    He looked foreign for more reasons than usual as he climbed the steps to the Temple and walked in, though his appearance was close enough that no one questioned his presence. Five years ago, he would have seen at least a few friends wandering these halls, though most of his closest buddies would have been among the Temple staff rather than the Jedi themselves. Now, most of the people he had known well had moved on, and the Jedi had been so focused on expanding their ranks that there were a lot of unfamiliar faces around. The thought did not faze him—he knew he would come to know all the regulars here in time, unless he was sent out on missions incredibly frequently—but it did make him wish even more that his friend Ashaya had been able to make the transition from Korriban with him. He wouldn’t go back there for anything, but leaving her there had stung a little and it would have been nice to navigate this new world with a close friend.

    The unfamiliarity of the Temple’s inhabitants seemed to lend itself to the Temple itself; though five years was not exactly a huge amount of time, the halls still felt completely alien to him. Navigating it by memory should be relatively easy, but Faze was not especially eager to get to his destination. It helped that he wasn’t entirely certain where that destination was. He meandered, greeting the few people he did know and simply basking in the glow. The Jedi Temple felt so much different than what he was used to, and it didn’t excite him as much as Coruscant in general, but he felt like he was finally uncaged. He lingered at the doorway of the training room, allowing his quest to check in with a Jedi higher-up to wait a little longer as he soaked in the sounds of Jedi sparring and training, and just the sheer activity of it all.

    Five years gone, with a new set of faces and even a different feel to the old place, and everything finally felt like it was looking up. Coruscant, it’s been far too long.

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