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Open Roleplay Coruscant - Escalation of Force

Discussion in 'The Galaxy Roleplay' started by Mike, Jul 9, 2015.

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    The Senate Chamber was loud with the conversations and cries of many senators. It was times like these where Vance wish he had his Tarisian ale, but he couldn't drink in front of the other Senators and he had to conserve what he did have seeing as how Taris had been invaded and captured by the Mandalorians. He couldn't help but think of how the Mandalorians had massed such an army and fleet with such little territory. Things were beginning to turn for the worse.

    The moment Vance and his entourage entered the view of the senators, the chamber fell silent. All that could be heard were random, soft coughs and the clicking of Vance's heels against the simple styled floor. Reaching the center of the chamber where the Chancellor's hover-booth sat, Vance entered and sat down on the cushioned, curved seat. He was followed by his secretary Twi'lek who immediately went to the hover-booth's control panel, and two body guards in Republic C-1 armor and wielding RAM-1 Blaster Carbines. They were very similar to the men and women guarding the entrances to the Senate Chamber.

    Slowly, Vance's secretary keyed the control panel and the booth rose to the very center of the dome-like chamber. It was still quiet, and Vance looked around passively for a moment before getting to his feet. His cane, though he didn't necessarily need it, clicked as he strode to the center of the hover-booth.

    "As many of you know," Vance began, his voice amplified through out the chamber. Echoes ran rampant. "Taris has been invaded by the Mandalorians. Taris was not a Republic world, but they were innocent." The chamber lit up with murmurs, mostly agreeing with the sentiment but there were a few disagreements. "The Mandalorian culture demands that they seek glory, and the only way for Mandalorians to get glory is through battle; they will not stop at Taris."

    "What are you suggesting, Chancellor? That we go to yet another war in defense of planets that aren't even aligned with us?" a Senator asked. Vance turned to the Senator, recognizing him as the Senator from Alderaan.

    "No," Vance answered plainly, his eyes and expression almost as hard as steel. "The Republic doesn't need another war, but should one come to us we have to be ready. Our military is ill-equipped to be dealing with a threat like the Mandalorians." Vance paused, turning from the Alderaan Senator and turning his gaze into one that swept the entire chamber. "I am suggesting that we put more funding into rebuilding and re-outfitting our military. Best case scenario is that we scare the Mandalorians enough to stop their aggression against innocent, neutral, planets."

    There was applause. Some disagreed, of course, as was the purpose of the Senate. Vance turned to the Alderaan Senator who had spoke out and found him clapping and nodding his head. Change was inevitable, and this was only the beginning. Vance knew that the Mandalorians would never be scared enough to not invade non-Republic planets, but with the raising of forces to better protect, maybe he could convince more systems to join the Republic after-all.

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