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Alek Tullner

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by FairyPrincessUnicorn, Jun 28, 2015.

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    Alek Tullner


    Alek Tullner
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Species: Human
    Faction: The Hutt Cartel
    Rank: Hacker/Spy
    Height: Five Foot 9 inch
    Weight: 75.5 kg
    Age: 19
    Force Sensitive: No


    You know those cliché, nerdy, computer geek teenagers that you can find in an average high school? Alek is sort of looks like one of them. He's tall and gangly and awkward, he just doesn't wear glasses. He has pale skin. Usually Alek will be in casual clothes.

    Alek is one of those intelligent people that will make you regret ever pissing him off. He doesn't like physical combat, he prefers to mentally challenge people. Quite often he will create viruses and infect peoples electronic devices with.


    Alek was born into an average Coruscaunt family. His parents co-owned a business so he barely ever saw them and he didn't really care for them. During his early childhood he was often left with hired nannies and babysitters. When he saw other children with their parents he would often get jealous.

    When Alek started school he found that he didn't fit in very well with the other children. The other children treated him like an outcast. So he started learning more about the computer he had in his bedroom, he often looked at the way the computer worked and how it was assembled.

    By the time he was 12 years old he was programming computer games, quite often the 'cool' kids would ridicule him because of it. So he began looking at a more practical use for his knowledge... Hacking.

    Alek often spent many hours late into the night perfecting his computer skills. If someone pissed him off at school their computer would suddenly stop working. But Alek felt empty inside, he wanted to put his skills to good use...

    Alek had only heard about the Hutt Cartel a few times, but they seemed like the type of people who would take him in. Alek began searching for the Hutt Cartel on the streets.

    One day he found his current pet, Fluffy while searching. As he stood up he accidentally bumped into a scary looking person. After some friendly discussion Alek found out that the man was affiliated with the Cartel.

    Alek was taken to the Cartel where he was enlisted as a Spy. He also began doing some hacking for the Cartel. He thirsts to be able to prove his worth to the Cartel...



    A computer and his mental ability.


    He rarely leaves his computers, so when he does he will just use public transport a lot.

    He has this small cat like creature that's small enough to fit in his pocket. Its name is Fluffy and its purple.



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