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Admiral Kor'Lok

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Admiral Kor'Lok, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Admiral Kor'Lok

    Admiral Kor'Lok Hutt Cartel Faction Leader

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    FIRST NAME: Kor'Lok.

    LAST NAME: We don't have last names, we are named after animals.

    SPECIES: Zabrak, pure

    HOMEWORLD: Nal Hutta.

    GENDER: Male.

    AGE: 34.

    HEIGHT: Six foot, five inches.

    WEIGHT: 215 pounds.


    ALIGNMENT: Half an half. He will do what ever it takes to keep the power of his people.

    FACTION: Hutts.

    RANK: Supreme Mogul.




    PERSONALITY: Quite temperamental in nature, he knows, being raised by the leadership of the Hutts, how to be both aggressive and cautious of the people he meets, as well as the environments he is in.

    LIKES: Space combat, he has a huge affinity for it, being raised on the surface of a world in chaos.
    Tactics, he was raised by the leadership of the Hutts to become their personal space admiral.
    Aggressiveness in his adversaries.

    DISLIKES: Weakness. Being a Zabrak, especially on Nal Hutta, he was raised only to be strong and ruthless, nothing less.
    Those who don't follow his rules. There have been many reports that he had shot his own men for not following his orders, scrubbing most missions.

    WEAPONS: When on his ship, he carries nothing but a vibrosword, in a very saber like fashion. IF he was to get into combat, his weapons would pertain to a sonic pistol, he found that incapacitating adversaries was much better than just shooting them. That way, he could finish them off in close range.

    APPEARANCE: He stands firm with an iron grip. He has an officers appearance, although being Zabrak, he is quite proud to be one of commanding stature.





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  2. Admiral Kor'Lok

    Admiral Kor'Lok Hutt Cartel Faction Leader

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    Biography/ History, here we go.
    An explosion. A single explosion was enough to start this young Zabrak's path to power.
    The lights of the cantina came on, of course, this cantina also held living quarters on the second story, this is where the very little Kor'Lok lived. He lived with is father, his mother dying of some plague that made it's way through Nal Hutta, that's what he had been told all of his short years anyways. As usual, his father was out probably scrounging, murdering, or doing what ever he could to bring a small amount of credits back to his family, to feed his only son.

    With the lights of the cantina coming on, so did the music, the loud, obnoxious music. This is what woke the young ten year old Kor. He looked around, it was past mid-day and his father was still out. Weird. Being a Zabrak, one of pure blood, living on Nal Hutta was harsh, everyone picked on him, bullied him, even beat him up and stole from him. Soon though, this would be no more. It had been almost three days since he was asleep, the last beating he took a lot out of his system.

    He looked around, not much was around here, and his families rent was almost due. There was a loud bustle that he could hear outside of his quarters, he didn't pay much mind to it, although, it did come closer. He found a small bite of some rodents meat to eat, and he shoveled it down in small pieces, savoring the putrid taste as much as he could. A loud series of bangs then happened at his door, he swiftly turned and prepared himself for yet again another fight. With another large bang against the door, it fell down, four huge Gamorreans came in one by one through the door way, charging the young Zabrak. What the hell was going on? He tried to throw a punch. It landed, but the Gamorreans weren't phased in the slightest, as one of their weapon's blunt ends came down to hit Kor on the head. He was out.

    The Arena's lights came on, hundreds upon hundreds of fans of these brutal games were cheering, waiting to see piece by piece of the now aged 16 Zabrak boy be torn off. For the past six years he has been a slave, training to fight, kill, and be ruthless. This was his time to shine. From the opposite gates came a large beast, it was a Rancor. With Kor, though, was three others. One a Gamorrean, who had betrayed the Hutt in charge, thrown down here for the games, the other two were Twi'lek slaves, probably refusing to bang the head honcho.

    Kor looked around, what could he find to beat this rancor and all in all, to survive. Around him were pillars, large with chains laying across the ground in long lengths. As he was about to move to one of the pillars, an alarm went off. A large two handed axe was dropped from the top of the arena, it was to help the four defend themselves against the Rancor. The Twi'leks were too scared to move, but the Gamorrean knew exactly what to do. He charged the axe, being a breed of species who enjoyed close combat, he picked it up without hesitation, and with it started to charge the Rancor.

    A distraction, great! Kor ran towards the pillars, while the Gamorrean was fending himself off against the Rancor, Kor grabbed one of the long chains that laid on the ground. He ran, with the chain in hand, to the other pillar, as far as he could, and with it he pulled as tight as possible to stretch out the chain so it would hold tight in the air, a foot off the ground. With this, he circled around the pillar, tying off the chain. It was done, a trap was set for the Rancor. The Zabrak ran towards the oposite side now of the chain from the Rancor, himself calling out. "You, Gamorian! Get over here! We can trip the monster and then kill it!"

    The Gamorrean turned after hearing the order, starting to run towards the chain. He made i-- As soon as he got five feet from where he was, a large Rancor hand descended and grabbed the Gamorrean, lifting him from his feet, making him drop the axe. The Rancor put the Gamorrean in his mouth, biting half of his body completely off, throwing the pair of legs down on the ground. Next were the two Twi'leks, they were too scared to do much of anything, so they were just another snack for the Rancor. This was great, just great, all of his potential allies were eaten. The plan was still in action, though, right?

    Kor started to jump and wave at the Rancor, "Over here you bastard!" The Rancor started to walk towards the Zabrak, licking its teeth, ready for its next meal. As it got to the chain, the trap was in action, the Rancor's foot caught the chain and it tripped onto its stomach. Kor knew he had to do something and something quick. As the beast fell, Kor ran towards its head, his fist balled, his arm pulled back. As he closed the gap, he sent his fist flying towards the Rancor's eye, the force behind both the movement and the push behind the punch were enough to crush the eye, fluids flying out, getting into Kor's own eyes.

    The Zabrak awoke to his alarm, it was now time for his tactical training of armed forces, both on ground and in space. He was now 22, it had been another six year gap of fighting his way through the arena, becoming, at the time, the best warrior ever to fight. This was because of his tactics, his insight and knowledge of how to get his opponents to do exactly what he wanted. Fast forward a couple of hours and Kor was there, standing in front of the Supreme Mogul, Jugar. This Hutt was ruthless, he killed many other clans of Hutts as well as conquered many worlds.

    Kor was there, however, to become his underling. To be trained in the ways of commanding. The Hutt knew he couldn't be everywhere at once, so his influence had to be extended by the use of someone else. He first took notice of Kor in the Arena. He was the first to ever best a 97 year old Rancor. Jugar spoke in Hutt, he did not know common or any other language, though it was Nal Hutta, everyone knew the Hutt language. Kor listened. "Zabrak, you have shown great potential, it is now you and two others who will compete against each other to be my second in command. Do not fail me, or you will be fed to the Rancor who's eye you ripped out with your fist." That's right, the Rancor wasn't dead, they were hard to come by and Jugar had only one, so he ended the fight so many years ago.

    Fast forward a couple more hours and there Kor was, in a combat simulator with the two others who had some potential. The scenario was a ground combat, a skirmish between a smaller faction, which was their own, against a greater one. They had one hour of preparation time before the fighting would commence. The hour passed, and Kor had set up many traps as well as routes for both ambushing and retreat. The battle begun.

    As soon as the war horn went off, three large explosions could be heard at the other end of the simulation room, dozens of enemies were killed because Kor set mines around the perimeter. It would of been more if the other two weren't as simple minded as they were. They both rushed the enemies position as soon as the explosions had died down, and without a second passing, the first one was gunned down by training lasers. He had failed. The other girl, her being of Mandalore, was quite effective at close combat, taking out multiple before retreating back, using the retreat routes that Kor had set up before hand. As the enemy funneled into the route, another series of thermal detonator explosions went off, that route was now sealed, and any who were in there were dead. The girl made it, they both would of failed if they weren't using teamwork. The enemies pushed back to the second line of defense, where Kor and the girl were. As they approached, from the sides of the trench, as it were, a dozen hatches opened up, the same number of drones flew out each armed with a combat laser, they started shooting at the enemy, and the enemy started shooting back. Kor looked to the girl. "It's time to move to our last position, i've cooked up something special for them." The girl nodded, and both of them ran, as they reached the last line of defense, the battle behind them had settled, the drones were in no shape to win, but they did cause some casualties.

    It was then that his plan came into bloom. What they traveled to, to get to this position, was a single trench, quite wide, and straight. This would be the final choke point. The enemy soldiers started to appear, one by one they would pour into the straight trench. Kor nodded, and from where he was, the power turned on, three automated turrets came to life and acquired their targets. The turrets started to spew forth red laser blasts one after another in a rapid volley, any that were in the straight trench were shot and eliminated. The enemy halted at the rear of the trench, pinned down by the fire the turrets provided. The girl looked to Kor, he could see the look in her eye. "Don't do it, that's both a path for them and us to die in if we charged." She didn't heed his words. She charged, Kor shouted at her to stop but she wouldn't listen. He started off behind her, hoping to grab her and pull her back. As she was half way through the trench, Kor was ten feet behind her, it was hard to keep up with such a conditioned being. He shouted one more time, this time, she finally heard him, though it was too late. A single rocket was fired from the opposition, and it hit her center mass. This was training, of course, so neither of the two didn't die, though they did fail. As the explosion went off, Kor was blinded by the white and red cloud of death.

    There he was, now at 24 years of age, standing on the command bridge with Jugar. This was a special day, it was the day the Supreme Mogul took up arms against the republic in their war that had been going on for what seemed to be forever. Kor was excited to be here, it was the first time he had ever actually been in space, standing in the command bridge of a large cruiser. Jugar gave the order to open fire, they were attacking a blockade that was holding back supplies the Hutt Cartel needed to make their profits expand. Kor was amazed by the light show that was being displayed, the dozens upon dozens of warships of all sizes going off, fighting out into the darkness of space in hopes to destroying the Republics own warships. Jugar looked to Kor, "Do not get hesitant, even with excitement for what you see in space. You will die, just as your other competitors did, being fed to my rancor." The Zabrak nodded. It had been two years since he competed against those two, he almost forgot.

    The Republic had then started to fire back, red and green lasers going this way and that, ships started to be ripped apart, crew being thrown into space because their hulls didn't hold. This was amazing in Kor's eyes. This is something he wanted to see ever since he was a kid. He could remember the days he was beaten, what he would do to calm down is look up into space, imagining all of what he was missing on that hazardous planet. Then he remembered the reason he was here, and not with his family. His father had sold the boy off to slavers to make a couple credits so he could feed himself for a night and pay off his rent. What a piece of bantha poodoo. All of a sudden, somehow, unexpectedly and explosion happened on the command bridge of the cruiser. It was enough to send the Zabrak flying a couple of feet, landing into a control panel. It wasn't long before he came to, getting up and looking around, what the hell happened? It seemed one of the command panels malfunctioned, or was it, sabotage? Hell, who knew, he was with a Hutt, after all. Speaking of which, where was Jugar? Kor looked around, it seemed the explosion had threw the Hutt down the stairs off to the side. Kor ran to the Hutt's side, standing at a full stance. "Jugar, are you all right?" The Hutt slowly awoke from the 'accident'. "Yes, Zabrak, I am fi--" Before the Hutt could finish his statement, Kor had pulled his pistol from his side, putting a single blaster round through the middle of the Hutt's eyes.

    It was him, after all, that had set that explosion, he needed to take some of the force of it to push aside suspicion. The Hutt let go of all muscle control, deflating like a ball after all of the life had left him. Kor decided it was time for Jugar to leave. Five members of the Hutt's closet council ran down the stairs, to see Kor with a gun pulled on his corpse. "What the hell did you do? You killed him? You will pay!" Kor let him scream, then right after he was done talking, shot the one who was screaming in the head. The previously alive council member dropped to the ground. "Jugar is dead. I am now in command, does anyone else have a problem with that? No? Good. We have work to do." He kept the pistol in hand and walked to one of the other command consoles. "This is your new Supreme Mogul, all ships focus firepower on their anti-fighter craft. Once destroyed, all fighters, bombers, and gunners throw everything you have at their command barge." His plan came into effect, once most of the anti-fighter craft were down, the fighters swarmed in, as well as the bombers, and evaded most of the large weaponry the capital ships were throwing at them. It was too much for them to handle, the bombers went to work after the fire from both the Hutt ships, as well as the fighters took down the command ships shields. The bombers went straight for the bridge, and Kor wanted to make sure that this plan worked, he sent in triple what was needed to take out the bridge. As the Torpedo's flew forward, the bridge soon exploded, causing a chain reaction within the ship, seconds later, the command ship exploded into a beautiful, white, glimmering burst.

    Present day. Kor, at the well rounded age of 34, was aboard his ship, he was now titled the Supreme Mogul. Much was done to get this title, his spies killed most of the ones opposing him. The others he bribed, much like the Hutt way. Now, it was his job to make the Hutt Cartel great again, after a fierce war that almost wiped them out. This was his time. His plans were just beginning.
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