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Abel Fasari

Discussion in 'Character Profiles' started by Nis, Jun 13, 2015.

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    Master Fasari


    Alais: Jedi Master Fasari

    Full Name: Abel Fasari

    Species: Echani

    Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

    Gender: Male

    Age: Appears mid/late thirties

    Alignment: Lightside

    Faction: Jedi

    Rank: Master

    Previous Master: Kad Valor

    Padawans: None.

    [---- Biography ----]
    Both Abel's birthplace and biological parents remain a mystery. His earliest memories begin on Nar Shaddaa alongside his older brother, known as Cain. The two brothers were found seemingly abandoned at a large space port, their full names tagged to their necks. After no one ever returned to claim them, they were eventually moved to a small orphanage located in the capital of Nar Shadda where they would spend their younger years growing up. The orphanage estimated that Cain was three years old when they found them and Abel was probably just over a year younger. Those that looked after them were left a little puzzled as to why the two brothers had white hair and silvery eyes. They thought as the brothers would grow their hair colour would darken but it never did. This mystery was only solved many years later when Abel discovered he was not human but of a similar species known as echani.

    Despite being only slightly older than Abel, Cain was very much the stronger of the two. He had a strong personality, physique and a charisma about him that would make him naturally stand out in a group. Abel was relatively weaker and had a much less imposing character. He was quiet but by no means a push over. What Abel lacked in passion, he made up for in intelligence, logic and quick thinking. The two brothers were inseparable and a formidable team that protected each other against the harsh life of an orphan. At the ages of thirteen and twelve, Abel and Cain left the orphanage and joined a group of rogue youths who eventually became known as the Cold Coats.

    It wasn't long before the group of youths became known as a gang and the group relied on petty crime to survive. With little excitement to live for, a number of other gangs created rivalries and fought against each other for territory but most of all entertainment. Such street fights were common but they began to turn more serious. Young kids began to use blades and the inevitable death occasionally happened. Following this, things began to escalate quickly and there were numerous revenge attacks more brutal than all the youths had seen before. Abel became distressed at such scenes and tried to persuade his brother to leave this pointless street warfare. His words would have little effect on his brother.

    On seemingly ordinary night Abel, Cain and the rest of their friends were cornered by a group that were looking for some excitement. A brawl ensued and Cain, the natural leader of the group was consequentially targeted and stabbed ten, maybe twenty times before collapsing. What happened next exactly could not be recalled. Abel had only one memory of holding his brothers spasming body, his blood soaking both their clothes till they could absorb no more and coloured the pavement red. Haunted by this memory, Abel hit a point of immense fear and depression. Unable to comprehend what happened and blaming himself for his brother’s death, Abel took to the highest building he could find and stood on the ledge ready to plunge to his death. He wanted nothing more than to join his brother or end his suffering.

    As Abel stood with his toes curling at the edge, a Jedi knight known as Kad Valor found him. He spoke to Abel, telling him whatever dark event had taken place, death would be no escape. It was difficult, but in his heart Abel agreed and pulled himself away from the ledge. Sensing Abel's presence in the Force, and possibly out of pity, Kad began to train him and educate him about the galaxy and the Force. Many Jedi Masters claimed Abel was too unstable in the mind and the Force to begin training. They even saw very little potential in his ability or potential to develop his Force senses. Despite this Kad continued to teach him and at the age of nineteen Abel became a Jedi knight.

    Despite his new rank, Abel continued to train alongside his master, learning more about the Force fighting for justice across the galaxy. Almost ten years later the Force Wars began. By this point Abel was now a young man in his late twenties. He had achieved remarkable things and displayed wisdom and strength beyond his years. Both Kad and Abel continued to fight the Sith and their presence was attributed to the cause of many crucial victories. It seemed nothing could get in the way of this duo. Drawing near to the end of the Force War the Sith retreated to Korriban as a final stand. Kad and Abel fought side by side again until Abel witnesses his master receive a fatal blow and kicked into the dark pits of Korriban. At the apparent loss of his only friend and saviour, Abel fought against the temptation of anger and went on to kill the Sith that had defeated his master. Abel joined the other Jedi and was amongst the small group that witnessed the Sith Lords defeat marking the end of the Force Wars. Abel was praised for his combat role within the Jedi Order and made a Jedi Master, despite never training a padawan himself. Abel never did tell his Master why he stood on that ledge ready to jump and Kad never chose to ask him. Abel's past has always remained a secret to everyone around him.​

    [---- Personality----]

    Abel has always been a rather gloomy looking figure. Being an enchai has left him with white hair, grey/silvery pupils and rather pale skin. That being said his genetic makeup is the least of why one might describe him as gloomy. None who know Abel well can recall a time he has sincerely smiled or shown some kind of affection. That's not to say Abel has a completely sad demeanour as his personality would be much better described as emotionless. He speaks with a calm tone and little variation of pitch leaving his words often strange and unsettling to those around him. Despite his unsettling manner those that have fought alongside him have described him as a formidable ally and a controlled and calculated swordsman.

    "Do not mistake unfriendliness for darkness. I have seen many kind worded Jedi turn to the darkside.' - Kad Valor, defending his right to train Abel as his padawan.

    [---- Appearance----]


    [---- Weapons/Equipment----]


    [---- Force Abilities----]

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    [---- Roleplays----]

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