Want to help relaunch StarWarsRoleplay.com?
Want to help relaunch StarWarsRoleplay.com?

Important Info

Important Information

Attached below is a list of links that direct you to important information all users should read before roleplaying at starwarsroleplay.com.

Rules and Guidelines

General Forum Rules, Roleplaying Rules, Character Creation, Force Training, Combat, NPC’s

Force Abilities

Core Abilities list, restricted Force abilities

General Faction Rules

Major Factions, Minor Factions, Faction Battles.

Creating a Character (Profile Guide)

Guide on how to create a profile - required for Force sensitive characters.

The story so far

Read here to quickly understand the galactic situation for starwarsroleplay.com

Apply for positions

We are looking for experienced roleplayers to take important positions. Click for further information.

Confused? Got a question? Head to the question and answer board and we will get back to you shortly

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