Want to help relaunch StarWarsRoleplay.com?
Want to help relaunch StarWarsRoleplay.com?



Welcome to our contribution section. If you would like to help starwarsroleplay.com become bigger and better then you have come to the right place. See below the ways you can help us expand.


Yes, roleplay! Just by taking part you are helping make this site bigger and better.


You can advertise by letting other roleplays know about this site. Best thing to do is send them a link to the betting started page.


It costs money to run this site. Whilst we don’t like asking for donations, if you do donate, you will earn a medal for your donation and we will disable adverts for your account for a period of time depending on how much you contribute. Below is a break down on how much it costs to run the site. I have also included a list of paid add-ons some users may have requested. When making a donation you may choose how you would like to spend it. Any questions feel free to ask in the Q&A forum or private message Nis.

> Costs

Domain - £10 per year
Hosting - £240 per year (This may increase substantially as the site becomes bigger)
Xenforo subscription - TBC
Our layout updates -

> Upgrades

Branding Removal (Removes XenForo copyright notice from all pages.) - $250
Remove Pixel exit copyright -$25
Cbox addon - £25
Customized addons – We can have custom addons built for the site but it will cost depending on complexity.

Confused? Got a question? Head to the question and answer board and we will get back to you shortly

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