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    FIRST NAME: Lyn Mea





    AGE: 26

    HEIGHT: 5'4

    WEIGHT: 110 lbs


    ALIGNMENT: Good (Good, Evil, Somewhere in the middle?)

    FACTION:(Are they aligned to any faction?)

    RANK:None (If they are aligned to any faction, what is their rank? [Must be approved by faction leader])

    SKILLS: Can use a lightsaver and has learned how to balance things through meditation, but wants to learn a higher level of un known powers also knows some martial arts

    FORCE POWERS: Force cloak


    PERSONALITY: Jinx is described as tough as nails and she can, at times, be protective, is at times impulsive and tends to speak before she thinks, which can get her into trouble.

    She can be friendly and very sweet and easy to get along with and likes to be around people

    Jinx is strong willed and will go to meny lengths to get what she wants or in order to protect herself.

    She likes to speak the english language like she learned from the family that adopted her as a child.


    Walking on the beach and looking at the stars.


    Would like to fall in love one day


    War or fighting in war

    Not knowing about her biological parents

    WEAPONS:Light saver and a knife

    APPEARANCE: Jinx is described as a short medium built female with straight long black hair and wide set brown eyes,with full lips and olive skin tone


    Lyn Mea was born on the asteroid colony of Massa,a colony most like the country of China,on earth but with very different people from earth,the people looked like people who lived in Chain but they didn't speak the chinese language.

    Lyn Mea was born on the holiday that was called shu,but Lyn's parents thought their baby would be un lucky having to be born on such a day,there for they gave her the name Jinx.

    Soon after Lyn's birth,both her father and mother were both murdered by the new order of the remaining Sith that had managed to survive after the death and killing of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

    This group had come in during the late evening and had killed everyone in the small town of the Massa colony,leaving a bloody scene behind it looked like three mass murders had taken place,as they had thought they had killed everyone or so they thought.

    As night turned into morning,a small young twi'lek,named Kari,she came out from hiding as she heard the crys of what sounded like a baby near the cave entry where the Sith had came from.

    As Kari picked up the baby,she smiled at the baby as she saw the baby wasn't hurt but just a bit shaken from all the noise that had happened

    " Shh you will be safe with me,I promise" Kari said as she started to walk back to look for the other twi'leks,who had made a home base in one of the caves that were up on one of the mountains near far from the town.

    As Kari carefully made her way up the mountain,she knew the rules about twi'leks keeping human babies and she also knew that she couldn't possibly take care of a baby.

    " I guess you will need to go into an adoption center,because twi'leks can't keep human babies" She said as she got close to the mountain and found a sheet of paper that was stuck on the baby's blanket.

    As Kari got closer to the mountain,she could see Lynx walking outside looking for her,knowing all too well that she shouldn't have stunk off last night.

    " You are in big trouble young lady!" Lynx yelled as she saw the baby that Kari was holding " Wait! what are you doing with a human baby?"

    Kari shrugged as she looked up at Lynx as she handed her the baby

    " I found her and I know that twi'leks can't keep human babies but they killed her parents and I just couldn't leave her there because they could come back" She said as she felt tears running down her face.

    Lynx looked at Kari and then at the baby and smiled

    " You did the right thing and don't worry we will get her to the adoption center" She said as they both went into the cave.

    Growing up in an adoption center wasn't easy on Jinx,by the time she reached the age of six,the staff at the Massa adoption center,noticed that Jinx was different from the other children,she would spend a lot of her time by herself in meditation on something to make it move.

    This led the staff to believe that Jinx,herself would be in danger to the other children,they begin to search for a family to help adopt Jinx when she reached the age of seven within a few weeks.

    On her seventh birthday,Jinx was adopted into a family of non existing jedi's who had to hide their existence because of the remaining Sith that still were on the hunt for any remaining jedi's that were still alive.

    In this family,they helped Jinx with the meditation and how to control an object,but most importantly the things most young jedi's should know how to have peace and respect.

    As Jinx got older,she started to learn how to cloak herself to make herself invisible to anyone or anything. She also learned how to use a light saver and also learned some martial arts as well.

    Jinx had always wondered about her biological parents because she didn't get the chance to get to know them and she always wondered about the young twi'lek girl that saved her life.

    On her 18th birthday,Jinx decided to go off on her own in search of any information that she could find about her biological parents,this decision was hard on the two people who had adopted her into their family,but Jinx had promised them that she would come back to see them.

    ( To be continued)

    SHIPS: None

    PETS: None




    Role Play Sample:

    Hayley saw as harley`s face became a jar for a moment,after she had told her how she had jumped two buildings to test the supernatural speed that she had.

    " It does come in handy a lot when your trying to fight people off or running from something.

    Being able to have speed like that is thrilling to know that you can out run anything in your path.

    I once was in the woods hunting and I over heard a group of hunters,that were hunting a group of deer,before they knew it,I sunk up behind them and stole all their equipment and even some food they had.

    I disappeared quickly before they even knew what had happend,I laughed as I watched their faces and how they scammbled to find whatever they thought they had lost along the way"

    She said as she once looked again at the veiw.

    The light from the sun had made the air seem warmer as the sun had setted and disappeared into the sky,it was very peaceful as Hayley took a deep breath and took in the view,as she heard harley asked how she became a wolf.

    " I was born into two of the ruleing clans of wolfs,they ruled the french quarter,which made that part of louisana their home base,no other wolfs from other packs could come there without some type of notice from the family.

    From what i learned from the vampire,who had taken me in,after my parents were killed,the wolfs of my family had very unique supernatural powers,unlike any other normal wolfs.

    But no other wolf was able to contorol when they turned from wolf form when there was a full moon,without a daylight ring to control the phasing

    Even after I was brought to the orphanage,that I stayed at for a while,the people there had no clue about my real family at all,I would ask but they seemed to not even know.

    Now am sure those people who worked there,thought it was pretty odd for someone to sneak out of the building,I only did that once,because I got bored and restless.

    Now after the adopted family throw me out,one night I was out hunting for wild deer

    After I had hunted for the night,I went down by the river side to get a drink of water,but unknowingly I had changed back into human form without even knowing that I did that or how I was able to do that without some type of moonlight ring.

    I tested this again,with a moonlight ring,but found out that those things have no effect on my wolf phasing at all,this ment that I was a hybrid,and I was able to control the wolf phasing without a moonlight ring at all." She said as she studied the view more.

    The lights from the side walk had now showen a bright lit light in the sky where the sun had dissapeared, it was beautiful.

    " Sorry for that little long history lesson,but your going to find this even more odd.

    You see,before I was even born,my family had sort of picked out my husband to be,in order to unfie the bloodline that was carried and to make sure that we both married each other.

    But since my parents had gotten killed and myself being a loner,I have never actually met this guy at all."

    She finished saying as she heard harley say how her guy wasn`t the romantic sort of type.

    " When I traveled up to the moutions,I met a other wolf,his name was,Tyler.

    He once tryed to impress me by beating his chest and having my name wrote all over his arms. I liked him but I spilt off from the pack that he was a part of,a few days after I arrived in the mountains." She said as she slipped her jacket on.


    My life wasn't one of fairy tales where the princess gets the perfect parents but more like a twisted scene out of a bad movie.