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  1. udyxece
  2. yxitagu
  3. MikeMer
  4. Jinx
  5. Darth Cyaegha
  6. Divento
    Divento Mike
    Hey can you check my profile?I want to know if it's OK.
    1. Mike
      From what I've seen it's good!
      Jul 12, 2015
  7. Darth Decivus
    Darth Decivus Azarak
    Loving your SL so far. It's good to see a Mandalorian acting like a Mandalorian.
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    3. Azarak
      I thought Freedon Nad was under developed. He would have been amazing as well.
      Jul 5, 2015
    4. Darth Decivus
      Darth Decivus
      Indeed. His legacy suggests so much about him. Ah well. Gotta go, nice talking to you!
      Jul 5, 2015
    5. Azarak
      To you as well! Message me sometime!
      Jul 5, 2015
  8. Darth Decivus
    Darth Decivus
    "Species evolve through conflict; civilizations grow through war. The Empire is war incarnate; that is why it is perfect."
  9. Darth Decivus
    Darth Decivus
    "Only the iron fist of the Sith can bring order to this muddled galaxy."
  10. Zeke Ardor
    Zeke Ardor
    Dusty Hearts, Rusty Souls.
  11. Admiral Kor'Lok
    Admiral Kor'Lok
    The Hutt Cartel belongs to me, and YOU want to see it destroyed? Don't make me laugh, you are pitiful.
  12. Kalveris
    Greeting and hello to every one out there.
  13. shadekerensky78
    shadekerensky78 Mike
    The timeline for this is like the Mandolorian Wars, am I right or is it something totally different?
  14. shadekerensky78
    shadekerensky78 Mike
    Hey who would be avaiable to be Shade's master in the Jedi Order?
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    2. shadekerensky78
      Well later, since Abel is in the middle of training
      Jun 9, 2015
    3. shadekerensky78
      Or I'll make his Master, Idk
      Jun 9, 2015
    4. Mike
      Nis mentioned he might make another character to train yours, but give it some time. We're just opened and we need key positions filled.
      Jun 9, 2015