Want to help relaunch StarWarsRoleplay.com?
Want to help relaunch StarWarsRoleplay.com?

Getting Started

What is Star Wars Roleplay?

At starwarsroleplay.com you can invent your own characters and create adventures whilst roleplaying with other members of the forum. Roleplaying is essentially a collective story written by everyone where nothing is certain or predetermined. You can create an alcoholic smuggler that struggles with his gambling addiction. You could create a bounty hunter motivated by money and a new set of weaponry. Perhaps you'd like to create a Sith Knight and bring havoc to the world around you. Or perhaps you are here to create a Jedi, train as a padawan, learn the ways of the Force and gradually rise though the ranks until you are given the title of Grandmaster.

Anything is possible here. Follow our handy getting started guide below and jump into action.

Step 1: Register.

Join our forums by clicking sign up (make sure to validate your email address and check your junkbox if it doesn't appear any time soon).

Step 2: Read the forum rules.

There are a few general rules for the forum and then more specific ones for creating characters and using the Force. You can read them all here.

Step 3: Learn to roleplay.

If you have roleplayed online before then skip this step! If you are new to roleplaying then check out this handy guide that explains how you can learn to master the art. Always ask for help!

Step 4: Check the story so far.

SWRP is set in approximately the year 4000 BBY, after the Force War and after the Cartel Conflict. Catch up on the story so far before jumping in.

Step 5: Roleplay and start your journey!

Registered? Know how to roleplay? Read the rules? Know whats happening in the Galaxy? Then you must be ready to jump into a roleplay or create your characters profile

Confused? Got a question? Head to the question and answer board and we will get back to you shortly


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